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Lawrence Public Library provides fun and discounts for big move

Curious. Do you propose that the library then have duplicate and triplicate of their current holdings so that each branch is fully stocked? And duplicate and triplicate technology? And duplicate and triplicate staff, and overhead, etc.? And how much would all that cost? Do we have the tax base to support it? Certainly the quality of the total in a multi-branch scenario would be much less than the quality of a single location as operated now.

This is a small town. Driving distance isn't that great even from the city limits. If that's still too far for you, perhaps you could advocate for a bookmobile.

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January 1st Early Morning Law Enforcement & Fire Medical wrap up

Thank you, LJW, for running Mike's column. It's always informative.

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City to recycle old trash cans

The city does encourage you to keep and continue to use your old cans for yard waste, as the article clearly states.

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Sound Off: The medians on Kasold Drive between Trail and Peterson roads were replaced last year. New

Not necessarily. Using the dormant seeding method, seed sown over the late fall/winter and will germinate in the early spring.

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State: Election portals at DMV officers delayed

Please check your headline - did you mean "offices" not "officers"?

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Phone, internet service restored to Lawrence school district buildings

All service was out overnight. According to the recording at the Knology call center, they were performing "routine maintenance" Thursday morning between midnight and 6 a.m., and phone, internet and TV outages were expected.

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Trash carts coming October 15

There are several sizes already in use and I don't think the size is indicated on the container. Check your bill. The rent you're paying will indicate the size you're using. The current rental fee for a 65 gallon poly cart is $1.50, and $2.00 for 90 gallon.

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Trash carts coming October 15

I have been using the city trash cart system since 2008. The carts are easy to roll out to the curb, and are designed so the refuse crews don't have to lift the can up to empty it in the back of the truck. The truck lift does the heavy work. I have only rarely needed to use additional barrels for my refuse. And they are less prone to tipping and blowing on windy days than hardware store barrels. I suspect (joy of whining aside) that most people will be pleasantly surprised.

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City collecting electronics for recycling on Saturday

The complete list of accepted items is on the web site mentioned at the end of the article, and includes: "Household Batteries"

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Suspect in shooting at bar parking lot arrested

Did you mean to write that he was apprehended at 2:37 A.M. (rather than P.M.)?

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