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Advance voting deadline extended past noon Monday; here's your guide to Lawrence City Commission primary election

Turnout was brisk at the Courthouse for advance voting this morning -- the place was hopping.

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Recreation center and Rock Chalk Park Q&A

Chad and LJW, thank you for this Q&A. Great idea and excellent coverage of this community issue. Local newspapers with local journalists are critical to democracy.

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KU, Brownback joining to hold conference on slavery, human trafficking

This conference was put together by KU faculty and staff and was planned before Brownback decided to join the slate. It is a legitimate conference with some of the country's foremost experts on human trafficking, including law enforcement.

If you don't believe it exists or don't think it's an issue, go to the conference -- or, at least read about it in the LJW.

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Fourth grade reading; third grade retention

Thank you for writing about this and explaining the stats' sources. I didn't know that other states had third-grade retention laws. This issue merits lots of discussion going forward. Lots.

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Top photos of 2012

Most people in Lawrence don't know how lucky we are to have photographers of this caliber in our paper every single day. These videos are but one more shred of evidence!

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Lawrence man arrested on charges of driving drunk with infant in vehicle

Nowhere in this article does it say what day this happened...

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More than 30 at hotel treated at hospital following carbon monoxide exposure

"...several children had got out of the hotel swimming pool..."

Really? That is terrible grammar, even for the AP.

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City set to accept $5.2 million worth of bids for library parking garage project

What? Bids?! That's not how we do things around here...

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Vulgar license plates are OUTALUK in Kansas

Please control all possibly obscene license plates in Kansas. I'm so afraid of what might happen to people who see a "dirty" license plate -- they might vote for a *gasp* moderate Republican or something terrible like that!

November 11, 2012 at 10:23 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Residents get answers on proposed rec center

The city just did an analysis of the water system and determined that 80% of the water mains in Lawrence need to be replaced in the next several years, to the tune of multiple million dollars. Between that and the library, there is nothing close to a need to spend $25 million MORE for a good ol' boys loophole of a sports facility that will never recoup enough for this town.

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