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Kansas panel considers divesting pension fund from Iran

I thought he represented Olathe but apparently Schwab actually works for Bibi Netanyahu. Good to know.

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Your Turn: Ninth St. concerns deserve attention

My friend Dave doesn't mention in his piece the Kansas City design team, El Dorado Inc., chosen to head up this project, or their successful track record in the other ArtPlace projects that they've completed in Kansas City and Manhattan, Kansas neighborhoods. I think this is more relevant than his example of San Francisco. Since there is now a Marriott Hotel on the southwest corner of 9th and New Hampshire, it seems pretty clear that the writing is on the wall. Adjacent areas will eventually be redeveloped with or without an arts grant which includes input from the neighbors and involves local artists and pays for badly needed street design, sidewalks and street lights. I hate to see some people's "We don't want anything to change, please leave us alone." attitude cause the city to miss out on a great opportunity.

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Synthetic ice rink: Not the same as real ice, but serves its purpose

If I remember correctly the rink is rented and not permanent. What is it about this city that doesn't understand ice skating? It's not that unusual to have a skating rink, with actual ice. I was so thrilled to hear they were putting a little rink downtown but crestfallen to find they were putting in this lame fake ice. And WHY have they stopped flooding Watson Park for skating in the winter? They haven't done it for years and I have no idea why they stopped. It was wonderful to see everyone from figure skaters to hockey players careening around. And it's cheap! So why did they stop doing something they've done for decades? This would have been the perfect week to do it. So in short, YES to the little rink downtown but please please please make it permanent and do it right! In meantime, flood the park when it gets cold so people can skate!

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City agrees to hear more input from East Lawrence on Ninth Street project

In this case you are wrong. The El Dorado firm stated that input from the neighborhood is intrinsic to the design. Nothing has been designed yet and will not be designed until all the stakeholders are happy with the plan. They have the history to back this up and that is how this particular ArtPlace grant works. A beautiful 9th St. that will be a pleasure to walk and bike. This will be a really good thing!

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Citizen's petition calls for smoking ban on Massachusetts Street

What I want to know is how did this get to be front page news over that fantastic library opening? LJW you are sinking fast.

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Arts Center ceramist, KU partner for excavation in Crete

Wow that's so cool! LAC is so lucky to have Kyla.

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Kansas to pursue prairie chicken breeding program

Seriously? They want the taxpayer to pay to raise prairie chickens and then release them where? Their habitat is disappearing! That's the point of the conservation easements! I swear, Sam Brownback and his BFF Rick Perry must have both been kicked in the head by a mule.

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Opinion: U.S. not ready for Hillary

And yet according to Cal, we were plenty ready for Sarah Palin. LJW why does your editor or anybody take stock in what this fascist says about politics? His background is extreme right wing fundamentalist Christianity which somehow became conflated with world political issues. Can we just lose this wingnut's column and Krauthammer too? Surely there's a more moderate conservative writer out there somewhere. Somebody who can construct a readable sentence, as opposed to George Will.

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Artists utilize steamroller in large-scale printmaking

@leslie swearingen,t he prints can be seen in the basement of Lawrence Art Center, where they are drying. Then they will be on display at Wonderfair.

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Letter: The art print spirit

The Brownback style? Ow, Fred, that really hurts. I'm not sure how many folks will turn up for the "sneak peek" preview but I doubt a lot of great deals will be snatched up and there will be plenty left for the main event, have no fear. I think there will be a student print section as well. Lots of great deals there. This is our inaugural print fair and we are learning as we go. Looking forward to seeing you, Fred!

Sally Piller

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