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School closings to still be addressed

While I'm sure the board appreciates your reminder, your gross oversimplification of what is an extremely complicated topic isn't helping anyone. I suggest you study up before you start running around with a machete in your hand, just as the board has intelligently decided to do.

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Town Talk: Large youth Texas fieldhouse may serve as model for Lawrence project; North Lawrence river project up for key votes tonight; downtown homeless shelter sets Sept. 16 as move-out date

How about a gondola lift across the river? We can run the cables with water power just as the original hydro station used cables to power machinery. Quick! get it going now while the new plant is under construction. Transportation, greenyness, history, education and financial development all in one.

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Who is most responsible for the Lawrence Elementary School Consolidation Working Group not reaching a consensus on which school to close?

Yes, it's really this simple. You should be ashamed of yourself LJW.

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School consolidation working group won’t pursue specific closings

Lawrence has spent many many years funding the utilities & infrastructure of the great western expansion, schools included. This is fine by me, to each their own, but your assertion is ridiculous.

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Divisive task

Yes. Did the lte writer write this while you were in the bread line or did you step out of line for a moment?

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School consolidation working group renews resolve for mission

You are for the most part correct Alf. There continues to be a high number of children (families) at New York and Kennedy that qualify for free and reduced lunch. But Toto is correct as well, there are a lot of different types of people that are choosing to move to and invest in these core neighborhoods.

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Time winding down for working group's school consolidation recommendations

In reading White's comments, one would assume that the ideas from the Pinckney group involve at least one sceario that involves the Pinckney school community making a sacrifice. One would be wrong of course which makes both her and this group in general hard to take seriously.

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New direction


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Project to restore mural downtown expected to begin in April

Exactly my point. I was not being sarcastic, just trying to make sure everyone caught that aspect - maybe I didn't do it well. I wish we had 100 more of him in town.

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Project to restore mural downtown expected to begin in April

Donating his time? What a guy.

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