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Fritzel entity, not KU, will own stadiums and facilities at proposed Rock Chalk sports complex

Actually, I just thought it would be a funny thing to say. Are you people reading these comments for something other than entertainment?

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Fritzel entity, not KU, will own stadiums and facilities at proposed Rock Chalk sports complex

Thank you for your comment Mrs. Fritzel.

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City stiffens terms but agrees to $50K settlement over Varsity House dispute

Anyways... nothing to see here folks, move along.
Onward and upward to the 25 million no-bid recreation project!!!

What could go wrong?

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Editorial: Strings attached

Okay, I'll say it again.
Dear Wilbur,
The debate over bringing that house back is over and has been over for over a year. And... when they tore it down it was really, really over. That is no longer the point - no one cares what you or anyone else thinks about the house. The issue is that the developer has broken a deal with the city. Not only was this a deal regarding the legal site plan, but in this case literally a face to face handshake sort of deal on top of it made directly with a city commissioner. Said developer is now attempting to make this go away so that he can focus on the millions of dollars he's about to make at the no-bid recreation project that city tax payers will be funding. In my opinion, it's a weak attempt but like yours, my opinion is not worth very much.

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City to consider $50k offer to resolve Varsity House dispute

How on earth did you surmise that that is what i'm saying? I'd actually prefer that they had dressed it as a chicken. The point is, it's no longer a debate about what anyone wants to do with the house, it's about a broken deal.

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City to consider $50k offer to resolve Varsity House dispute

You don't know what you're talking about. Whether a building is balloon framed or not has nothing to do with the feasibility of it being moved. Even if it did, the architect surely already knew that the house was likely framed in that manner - most of that age were. Do you believe everything you hear?

As for your opinion on the buidling, it's really a moot point now. The debate regarding whether to save the house or not was concluded over a year ago. What remained from that debate was an agreement between the city and a developer, an agreement that was not fulfilled. What we have now is a developer who in the very near future stands to make millions of dollars off of a no-bid rec project at city tax payer expense. Rightly so, he's busy trying to make this current issue go away. I suspect he's not overly concerned where the money goes at this point.

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Officials upset over reassembly of Varsity House

Your level of caring is not really relevant. Regardless of anyone's opinion on the merits of the project a deal was made and broken. The only question is who all was in on it?

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School cuts haven’t made a difference, group told

This group is extremely frightening. They do not even know what they're dealing with... and they get Trabert first and foremost for 2-1/2 hours? Why? Why him and his group? This is a sham.

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Questions persist

Not arguing that the EL rec center is wonderfully planned. I'm also 100% in agreement with your assessment of YSC, that place is a traffic joke on tournament days. And I'm not in any way saying they should have built it somewhere else, it is what it is where it is. My point is that the equity that needs to be built is by the west side of town getting a reasonable rec center, not by reducing west lawrence folks drive time. There is absolutely no lack of fairness occuring by some parents having to drive to EL for a few basketball games. 90% of practices/games/tournaments in 75% of the major team sports occur at YSC. Often this has parents visiting the facility 3 or more times a WEEK for most of the year depending on what sports your children are involved in - yes, experiencing the fun of driving over there and dealing with joys of its parking situation every single time. Just asking you to look at the bigger picture and consider your definition of "Anyone" more carefully. Other than that, sounds as we're in agreement on the rest of your points!

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Questions persist

Oh good lord. I'll completely agree with you that the west side of town could use a rec center, and agree with you that it shouldn't be outside of town as they propose, and it shouldn't be huge. But please... cry me a river with you having to drive to the EL rec center a few times a year. Do you know where YSC is? I'm assuming you do if you have kids and are driving around for sports. Baseball, soccer, and football ALL are out at YSC out on the very west edge of town.

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