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Lawyers criticize release of information in case of former Franklin Co. Sheriff

Wow! Odd story. Jones wasn't buying drugs. Curry couldn't have told her she was being investigated for non-buying of drugs, therefore nothing there. Infidelity immoral but not illegal. Guessing I'm just not understanding the whole deal.

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Another push made to repeal limits on allowing corporate farming

How about disposing nuclear wastes here also? It'll be great. NOT

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Legislators face dilemma: tax increases or budget cuts

Whoa! Found the budget problem. They don't need golden scissors for cutting the budget. Stainless steel's good enough for me it ought to be good enough for them. LOL

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State Board of Education to consider new regulations on seclusion and restraint

I've found inclusion to be a win-win situation. "Brilliant" kids learn empathy and to be roll models. They also appreciate their own abilities. "Special" children learn behavioral skills from the roll models. I feel like inclusion, if handled correctly, benefits society.

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Brownback budget has Democrats, moderate Republicans facing dilemma

I'm concerned about the disabled and i HAVE donated my time and money to help them. Not for any recognition or reward, just for the good feeling it leaves inside you. You ever had that feeling Gotland?

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Brownback: Keep state sales tax at current level, cut more income taxes; change judicial selection

OMG! What's he smoking? How can we have a deficit and still be cutting taxes? Where is the money coming from? I'm thinking Sam's 3rd grade teacher at Parker should have held him back until he passed Math.

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Do you agree with a Kansas court's ruling that the Legislature is not suitably funding schools?

Excellent idea! By all means let's throw them in jail for contempt. I'm all for it.

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Former Senate Education chair to switch parties

Party has a lot to do with it. The Republican Party no longer represents any woman with a brain. I switched when Scam became the Gov.

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Dealing with state tax cuts driving the 2013 legislative agenda

Unfortunately, he's not.

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Up in smoke: What will state do about lost tobacco funds?

What will the state do? Nothing our children are just SOL.

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