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Kobach proposes rule change on proof-of-citizenship requirement to register to vote

Is it just ineptitude or maybe something else??? The documentation getting lost between DMV and voter registration?????? That's 11,000 votes that KS Tea Party probably don't want cast.

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Opinion: Former district attorney comments on concealed-carry law

Thanks for the clarification. So if a CC holder is OTL while carrying do they lose their CC?
Do they do jail time for repeat offenses?

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Opinion: Former district attorney comments on concealed-carry law

I must not be an average Kansan because I don't get it. It's illegal to drink and drive but it's okay to drink and carry. Looks disastrous to me. And FYI I'm not from Lawrence and I'm a real Republican.

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State government buildings to allow concealed carry of guns

Maybe it was safer built autos and seat belts.

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Kansas in federal court today on abortion restrictions

Sure do wish the women residing in the western half of our state would step up and say they've had enough.

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Senate Democratic leader asks attorney general whether Supreme Court's voter decision affects Kansas

Apparently our legislature is above Fed law...education finance for example.

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Brownback says higher sales tax needed in case state loses school finance lawsuit

Like that will even be considered.

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Undercover task force cites 17 businesses for selling alcohol to minors

Sure wish our legislators would hurry up and get sober.

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Topeka man injured in accidental shooting at Perry Lake

You know conceal and carry might just become the new male birth control. They're getting closer all the time. (:

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Protection from quarantine for HIV, AIDS patients is discriminatory, state senator says

Is stupid communicable? QUICKLY! Lock up Topeka!

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