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KU softball heads to Vegas tournament

well its about time you said where and when!!!!!!!!!!!!!! am i to assume its at unlv????? what a sorry way to let people know the schedule!

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Miami trades O'Neal to Phoenix

this has to be the dumbest, stupidest, trade in the history of BB !!!!!!! who was drunk!!!!

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Castro's Last Dance

i have lived,worked and been around many cubans. some were millionares. they gave up trucking empires to get away from castro and his corrup govn. never mind that catsro fought his way to power by getting rid of bastia. bastia also took over the gov. by force. he did away with a dem govnmmen. so how do you justify two corrupt people??? castro did more evil over a longer time. go to miami and spout your pro casto stuff, you wont come back misinformed!

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Bar owners want outside drinking OK'd

new york,paris etc. is not lawrence. its diff. age group more responsible to others.
bad idea unless the hours are restricted outside.

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6Sports story: Hawks headed to NCAA Indoor Championships

you have as many words in the heading as you do the article. no info as to why ,where,who,or when!
pretty poor article

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Kansas' Krysten Boogaard pressures Missouri's Alyssa Hollins, front. The Jayhawks beat the Tigers, 6

why on earth would i want a pic of a mizzou player??????????????

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Mayer: Revenge never certain

mizzou will NEVER get to play a game like they did in 61 or even the next year. no pentalies. zero none . a team that always had them had none??
that was also the game that the buttons saying all tigers are b........... were worn.
as i recall the ku fullback...coleman or baughman??...fumbled at the goal line and mizzou escaped that winning touchdown.
i still hate miz and always will!

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The Fifth Quarter: Kansas 45, Toledo 13

ya know its taken way too many years for the kansas coaches to get smart. kansas used to be the patsy for everyone and then have to play with injured players the tough part of the season.bear bryant always played weak teams until his team was experienced then at the end of the season he was ranked high. who cares how weak a early season team is when in dec. you still have a team on the field and not the hospital. its easy to recruit for a winning team than one that gets clobbered early by so. cal or fla st. or neb. stay smart and espn will come begging one of these days. go hawks!

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Mayor admits risque e-mail

quick lets destroy all of the paintings in the art gallerys,burn the books in the libraries that are showing breasts!
i thought it was deceided by the supreme court that the nude body of a woman was not in itself porno.
i propose that we celebrate somthing worth while. evelyn west day. (ask your grandfather) not mae. voted most beautiful breasts of the 20th century. i know and agree i saw them!!!

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Gordon unpopular winner at Talladega

six pac mentality is what the ernhart fans have. why so much noise for a 7th best driver. a known dirty driver to boot. the inventor of bump drafting, run you off the track, causer of more wrecks than anyone. why jr turned out to be nicer is a mysery.
why isn,t nasscar doing more to promote petty who won 3x as many races?

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