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Harmful rivalry

Quick note: though the original LHS lip dub was destroyed (as the letter notes) and had to be taken down (losing its 130,000 views and 200+ comments), the students did reupload it. You can see it by going here:

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Net Worth: ‘Lip dub’ offers social musical experience at Lawrence High

No offense, but Golf4Life did a very poor job. For a solid 7 sentences nothing is happening, all you see is a blank opinion and the words don't even matter sometimes. Another dissappointing thing is that it this was posted. Most comments, at least the really good ones, say something important to make the opinions look relevant. Which means that the commentor must learn the how to be creative so that the people actually care. I'm sorry, it was an audacious effort but it could have been alot better. Kudos for attempting though.

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