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City asked to cut downtown employees a break on parking; talk of a downtown liquor store versus downtown grocery

Just started working downtown and not enjoying the parking fees. Only been a week and already had to call the city due to a malfunctioning meter. Sure you could park and walk but I am a preschool teacher at a program downtown and often have boxes and bags of books and supplies that I don't want to carry a few blocks. I think employees downtown should catch a break. You wouldn't need parking control officers anymore and the police are down there anyway. I really don't mind walking but....I am often on the edge of late due to traffic construction and often have tons of stuff to carry, most of it can be ruined by rain. Just my thoughts.

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New wave of oil drilling disrupts rural neighborhoods

That's awful. It's a lesson in never buy anything that someone else can have any access to. The owner of the drilling company sounds like a spiteful jerk. I want to know how Kansas is letting him get away with over drilling. Drilling in the middle of someone's barn and next to a water well is spiteful. I hope this guy is stopped but I don't think it will happen unless someone gets a high profile, expensive lawyer. Too bad he couldn't have worked with the property owners or at least notified them. Crappy business practices by this company, they need to be exposed, and also the state for letting him get away with it.

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Sound Off: Motorcycle mufflers

I don't bash you for quiet pipes. 1. No stocks for me. 2. Bike paid for in cash. 3. You should be scared on the road so that you notice those around you and are alert to dangerous drivers. 4. I am educated shocking as that maybe. Btw, the only licensed gear I have was bought off a clearance rack. I am a woman in my 30s so no midlife crisis yet. Continue to judge, bikers are used to it.

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Sound Off: Motorcycle mufflers

First of all not a baby boomer guy so impotence not a problem. Second, our bike was probably cheaper than most of your cars. Also, if you are behind me, you are still a threat. Yeah so our bike is annoying to you, but so are yippy dogs that poop in my yard and the 1990s rap rattling out of your Prius.

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Sound Off: Motorcycle mufflers

Well if you are pissed off about our loud pipes then the point is proven. If you notice then you know where I am. So put your cell phones down, quit reading your newspaper, putting on your lipstick, and pay attention to the road. If you don't like loud pipes, tough, they are here to stay.

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Editorial: Child care losses

I agree, TFI has interests in the building. They could have at least had the courage to meet with parents instead of running scared and refusing to confront the issue. I would also be interested in hearing why they lost their foster grant, besides the recession, government cuts, blah, blah, blah. I also agree that if this was Free State Brewery, there would be public outrage. Where is the public outrage at this? Do people not understand the significance of this? That school had been there over 40 years! How could others keep it going, but not TFI, a multimillion dollar corporation? Thats why this whole deal stinks of fishiness. I think TFI just wanted the building for their offices. Most of the classrooms were nearly full. One wasn't, and it was their personal choice because they did not want to hire another teacher. There is more to this than TFI is telling us. I also don't understand why they couldn't wait until the school year ended, giving families more time to find alternate care in a market already full of waiting lists. It wouldn't have killed them to wait until semester's end. But then when all you care about is money I suppose every penny counts. TFI, hope your love of money and greediness turns around to bite you in the behind one day.

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Two child care facilities to close in Lawrence

Yes the public schools adding kindergarten killed Sunshine Acres private kindergarten program. And Sunshine did have a huge population of "at risk" children. I just can't believe an institution that had been in place over 40 years is shutting down over a few "off" years. The enrollment is also not as low as TFI reported it. I believe they want the buildings for their foster care programs and do not give a hoot about shutting down schools and putting families and teachers out. Its strictly business to them.

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Two child care facilities to close in Lawrence

Consumer1-FYI Montessori is more than that. I was a teacher at SSA for almost 5 years. I can tell you it is more than feeling fabric. We have more children reading before kindergarten than any traditional preschool I ever taught at. We have also had children doing multiplication before kindergarten which is virtually unheard of. But most important we teach them social skills to be good human beings, which is sincerely lacking in our world these days. Children are allowed to work at their own levels. There is no ceiling to what they can learn. And the only granola I am sporting is what is in my yogurt in the morning. I also don't know how we were in the red. We worked very hard to conserve energy, spent lots of our own money on classroom items, repaired a lot of materials on our own, and became very resourceful. As a teacher, I felt we were operating on bare bones. My kids would have done without alot if I hadn't purchased it on my own.

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Two child care facilities to close in Lawrence

There is now a facebook page up, Save the Sunshine. We are hoping we can find a different facility to keep this going. It is a shame for company to be in business doing well, a corporation comes in and buys it, can't make it profitable, and just shuts it down like it is nothing. This isn't the last of Sunshine Acres. The name may change, but the backbone will be the same staff and families.

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'Everything goes' at biker rally

alright smartass know it alls, bikers are definitely some of the friendliest people around. There were some there I knew of that were doctors and attorneys. Not everyone does drugs, you can probably find more marijuana inside the Bottleneck when SplitLip plays. Had a blast there, I am home safe, disease free, and met some great people that became better friends to me than some of you pompous, turned up nose nincompoops. Don't knock it until you try it. The people watching in itself is glorious.

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