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Voting rights rally scheduled for start of special legislative session

They got their driver's licenses, but they weren't able to have their voter registration processed because of the broken system and the unnecessary requirements for additional documentation.

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Top Democrat, Kansas governor's staff spar over court choice

You appear to be unaware of the previous Appeals Court nomination process in Kansas. That process consisted of a non-partisan committee who received applicants for open judicial positions, reviewed their qualifications for the position and vetted the applicants before providing the governor with a list of three highly-qualified candidates from which the governor could choose to appoint to the court. This helped ensure that the state courts would have highly-qualified candidates chosen in a non-partisan manner that would not be beholding to any particular governor rather than the new method which is to pick political cronies to pack the courts with partisan agents in an attempt to stop the courts from striking down and/or ruling against the radical policies enacted by our current state government.

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Group says Kansas gets NEA grant restored

I don't see a success story here for Brownback.

At the time they dismantled the previous organization, Brownback said that his intuition was that the NEA would continue to provide grants to Kansas arts even if the state didn't have a state arts organization even though the black and white policy was pretty clear that a state arts organization was required for grant funding by the NEA. Rather than governing by intuition, our elected officials should utilize facts and research.

It's fine if Brownback had a different vision for overseeing and funding arts and arts-related efforts in Kansas, but it would seem that a more prudent course of action would have been to have a plan and transition from the previously existing commission to a new organization rather than simply abolishing the previous organization outright which caused the NEA to have to pull funding for Kansas and a multitude of arts groups that had previously been funded by those grants because Kansas no longer had a qualifying state organization to receive those grants.

The only credit Brownback receives in regard to the arts is that he utilized his line-item veto to stop the legislature from continuing to defund the new organization that was created.

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State board refutes Common Core privacy concerns

Hmm. Still don't see the issue here. There is no personally identifiable information being passed to the federal government, so that they can track individual students' religious affiliation and medical records; only aggregate, demographic data that is useful in the scientific study of how to better educate students.

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Cuts to state education funding hot topic at Eggs and Issues forum

With failed corporate tax experiments like Ireland and Texas, you'd think people would realize that you can't just count on consumer consumption to fund government. If you don't have adequate corporate tax rates, when people start saving their money instead of wasting it on crap they don't need, you get huge deficits like we're seeing in Texas.

This myth that you have to not tax businesses in order to grow the economy is total crap. Historically, some of the strongest economic period have been when corporate taxes were the highest and businesses were expected to contribute their fair share. Businesses use and benefit from government services just as much (usually more then) regular citizens do.

It's disturbing to me that so many politicians will only consider cutting taxes and won't even bother looking at the revenue side of the equation.

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