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Lawmakers moving quickly to balance budget

The current plan from the Governor and others is the same, ignorant, kick-the-can-down-the-road plan they have done every year since enacting the flawed tax cut legislation. Using one-time sweeps and other accounting gimmicks does nothing but drain funds from programs robbed of their previously allocated dollars and force each successive legislature to have to make more and more politically-difficult decisions. Legislators ought to stop letting Brownback dictate what ideas they will and will not consider in order to actually resolve the states ongoing revenue problems.

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Minority groups push for same-day voter registration

If the standard for the voter to qualify and his/her vote to count is exactly the same as registering any other time throughout the year, it is illogical for Kobach and others to suggest that same-day registration would result in more fraud than the current registration process. It's effectively the same process for qualifying, just without pre-election deadline.

The only conclusion that can be drawn from opposition to this legislation is that it has nothing to do with preventing fraud and instead suggests that those opposed are trying to suppress voting.

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LMH details billing troubles with KanCare

Sounds like we have a widespread issue that our state (and fed) government should be addressing. Sen. Denning said it himself:

"You've just described the daily life of anybody that works in a health care practice or a hospital," he said. "All of these issues, just pick an insurance company — Medicare or any commercial (company). I could bring a hundred of these examples tomorrow. It's not unique to Medicaid; it's across the spectrum."

Would appear that we have a systemic problem with payers not living up to their obligations and putting an undue burden on providers who have to spend a lot of money trying to get paid which helps drive up the cost of care.

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Kansas Turnpike to increase tolls to fund projects

With the continued budget shortfalls for the state, Brownback had to figure out a way to get more revenue without admitting his tax policies are a failure or letting the legislature try to fix things, so this was a good alternative to produce some additional funds (that ought to be dedicated to transportation maintenance) that can be swept into the potholes in the state general fund as needed.

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Brownback appeals to GOP base, slams Obama in State of the State address

I really hope they get the mental hospital at osawatomie fixed soon, Brownback is showing clear signs of delusion and detachment from reality and in dire need of treatment.

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Kansas governor to outline agenda in State of State address

Hmm. Budget deficits every year, cutback after cutback, state programs struggling or failing. The Governor's definition of "working and stimulating" appears to be different from what I think most people would accept.

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Kansas Supreme Court strikes down judicial selection law, putting funding for courts in jeopardy

I'd suggest it's not just the idiots that only vote for candidates with an "R" next to their name no matter what or those that are stupid enough to be swayed by the ridiculous attack ads, it's also all the folks in the population centers that simply don't vote or the Johnson County Republicans that knew reelecting Brownback wasn't in their best interests, but either voted for him anyway or couldn't bring themselves to vote for Davis.

Of the approx. 1.7 million registered voters in 2014, roughly half participated in the election. With a margin of only about 32,000 votes, if even a small fraction of the folks that were registered but didn't vote would have participated, things could have been much different. People really need to participate and need to do their civic duty and ensure they are also educated about the issues and the candidates and hold candidates accountable for all the lies before and during the campaign.

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Lawrence lags behind Topeka, Manhattan on retail options per capita

Other than a list of numbers, this article tells us basically nothing. It's like saying Lawrence had 50 crimes last year, Topeka had 100 crimes, and Manhattan had 45 crimes. Without any qualitative analysis, the numbers mean nothing. We don't get any useful information that might tell readers whether these are good or bad things for our community and demographic mix, what current vacancy rates and retail trends are and how those compare with communities similar to Lawrence, whether Lawrence needs more or less of a particular thing and how that might impact the community, etc. As other have mentioned, we've had furniture stores come and go, we've had retailers like Old Navy come and go, we've had tons of restaurants come and go, so it's pretty clear that just because other communities in our state may have certain stores or certain numbers of stores, it doesn't tell us anything of value.

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A list of past Thomas Fritzel controversies and the $10 million question that comes with the latest allegations

At three people went to jail/prison over the Junction City shenanigans:

"Topeka businessman John Duncan pleaded guilty to fraudulent dealings involving the land, and former Junction City Mayor Michael Wunder was sentenced to prison for taking bribes from Lawrence developer David Freeman, who also served time for conspiracy to commit bank fraud."

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Kansas' US attorney criticizes effort to bar Syrian refugees

If they are so concerned about Syrian refugees being in the state, why would they create a situation where they will now have zero visibility or input on resettlement? Seems like exactly the opposite of what you would do if you were actually concerned about ensuring the safety of the citizenry because of a perceived threat from a refugee group. If they were actually concerned about security, I'd expect them to want to be even more involved in the process and layer on additional tracking and vetting processes.

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