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City Commission to decide who will be mayor for the rest of 2016

We need fewer partisan elections in this country, not more.

Having candidates lining up behind and beholding to political parties and ideologies causes more problems than it solves. The two main political parties in the US have their own agendas which, more often than not these days, do not have much in common with what is best for the citizenry or country and only serve the parties themselves and their donors.

Would be much nicer if candidates had to run on their own merits and backgrounds rather than getting elected just because of their party affiliation. Low-information voters also might have to learn a bit about the candidates instead of voting based on the letter next to their names. I'm more than sick of elected officials that refuse to represent everyone in their district and instead only represent their narrow, partisan, ideology. They weren't elected to just represent their special interest group, they were ostensibly elected to represent everyone in their district.

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Poll: Brownback and Legislature less popular than Obama; Kansas Supreme Court rated highest

Here's the 2014 election results by county:

And here are the turnout numbers by county.

The election was close and Brownback only won by roughly 32,000 votes. Wyandotte county had poor turnout. Better turnout there would have dramatically aided Davis. The two counties with the largest populations both went for Brownback: Johnson county by over 2000 votes and Sedwick by about 3000. That election was a good example of why it's so important for people to participate and vote.

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Would you ride the bus if it were free?

It's not the cost, it's the convenience. I can spend an hour each way on the bus to get from home to work or I can spend 15 minutes in my car.

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Lawrence City Commission to vote on traffic control, other items for 800 New Hampshire apartment project

They're building a $7 million structure and are worried about needing to pay another $70k to acquire land they want to develop as part of that project? Sheesh. Most people have to pay for things they want that someone else owns.

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Effort by Kansas lawmakers to repeal Common Core standards could end AP, IB programs

Wow. Multiple examples from this week of our state legislature refusing to hear from anyone other than the shills for the horrible policies they want to enact. Completely irresponsible.

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Kansas Senate panel puts brakes on KU Central District project

With all the restrictions, strings, and interference that comes with accepting state funds, it often seems like KU would be better off not being a state school. Our legislature has shown over and over it likes to meddle in education matters at all levels without the necessary knowledge, skill, or thoughtfulness to do so responsibly.

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Kansas among several states looking to ban sanctuary cities

But those issues are so hard. They require effort, compromise, and ignoring the Governor's unrealistic belief in failed economic ideology and threats to veto attempts to return to a more reality-based system of governance.

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State attorney general: Kansas needs to vote on Supreme Court selection process

I do not want judges elected based on partisan affiliation and ideological purity. I want judges to make decisions based on a sound legal basis that is not beholding to party politics and under the threat of a lack of support in the next election if they don't decide cases "the right way".

Do we really want to follow in the footsteps of Alabama and the disgusting behavior of Judge Moore who believes his personal religious and political beliefs trump what the US Supreme Court has decided is settled law?

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Lawmakers moving quickly to balance budget

The current plan from the Governor and others is the same, ignorant, kick-the-can-down-the-road plan they have done every year since enacting the flawed tax cut legislation. Using one-time sweeps and other accounting gimmicks does nothing but drain funds from programs robbed of their previously allocated dollars and force each successive legislature to have to make more and more politically-difficult decisions. Legislators ought to stop letting Brownback dictate what ideas they will and will not consider in order to actually resolve the states ongoing revenue problems.

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Minority groups push for same-day voter registration

If the standard for the voter to qualify and his/her vote to count is exactly the same as registering any other time throughout the year, it is illogical for Kobach and others to suggest that same-day registration would result in more fraud than the current registration process. It's effectively the same process for qualifying, just without pre-election deadline.

The only conclusion that can be drawn from opposition to this legislation is that it has nothing to do with preventing fraud and instead suggests that those opposed are trying to suppress voting.

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