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City mulls funding request for homeless shelter; begins review of public tax incentives

I use Waka quite a bit which is why the four-way have bugged me.

You wouldn't think stop signs would be so hard to figure out, but having multiple lanes in the north-south directions seems to have a lot of people baffled. The number of people I see having trouble figuring out who is supposed to go, when they need to give someone else right of way, and the number of near-misses I have seen at these two intersection astounds me.

The interruption in north-south flow during most of the day when there is little to no traffic coming in from the feeder streets has always seemed unnecessary. I can understand the need for control during commute periods and getting kids to and from school, but there are better mechanisms than bringing all traffic to a complete halt at all times at these intersections.

I see far fewer traffic issues at Wakarusa and Inverness now that the roundabout is in place and the flow of traffic is much smoother. Although, I still see the occasional person that doesn't appear to understand how to use these simple control features.

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Local governments worry whether 'Laffer Curve' applies to sales taxes too

Hey, Government of Kansas, stop listening to and implementing 30-year old, disproven, economic policy. It makes you and the state look like an idiot. Just because history and reality are inconvenient for you and your ideology, doesn't mean they don't exist. Elected officials need to stop acting like we don't have plenty of historical evidence that shows us what works and what doesn't - things like "corporations will not police themselves to act morally", "giving money to the wealthy doesn't make them create jobs", and "reducing/eliminating banking regulations doesn't stabilize the economy".

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Lawrence monitoring drinking water quality after Topeka plant releases millions of gallons of waste water into Kaw

With the millions and millions of gallons from this episode and the last time, they haven't even scratched the surface of the giant pile of crap that is the current Kansas government.

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City mulls funding request for homeless shelter; begins review of public tax incentives

Glad to hear they are going to add the roundabout at Wakarusa and Harvard. That will finish restoring decent traffic flow along Wakarusa that the addition of the four-way stops at Harvard and Inverness really impeded most of the day. The multi-lane four-way stops also appeared to cause a lot of confusion and congestion at these intersections for many motorists.

The roundabout at Legends/Inverness and Wakarusa dramatically improved the flow of traffic, reduced confusion and congestion, and is a good example of a roundabout done right. I'm looking forward to something similar at the Harvard intersection.

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Court ruling on air standards may save Westar millions

Does this mean they will lower the amount of hike they have requested?

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Kansas lawmakers urge review of federal health overhaul

Whew. Simply sending a letter of undisclosed purpose is now considered news for this site? Other than that they sent a letter, we really haven't learned anything about their intentions. Are they asking for subsidies to be explicitly allowed? Are they wanting every Kansan to receive a free chicken with their ACA coverage? Would have been nice for a reporter to perhaps call someone and ask.

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Kansas House soundly rejects plan to avert steep budget cuts

I'd be real curious to see what would happen if we dissolved this state government and held new election right now. My suspicion is that a lot of these folks wouldn't be coming back. It'd also be fun if anybody in office during such a dissolution would be barred from running for at least one election cycle.

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Brownback urges GOP to reach consensus; sets Monday deadline

The judicial rulings on the school funding issues could create an even more chaotic environment than we've currently got. If they rule that the state is still underfunding education from the first suit and/or that the block grant k-12 budget is unconstitutional, the fecal matter is really going to hit the fan.

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Lawmakers, frustrated by failure of tax bill, mulling what to do next

Would be useful here in Kansas to have the ability to dissolve the state government when we have incompetent ones like we currently have that can't govern and can't do pretty much the one important task they have every year: passing a funded budget. Throwing up their hands and saying "gee...this is just too hard, we'll let the governor sort it out" is simply not a solution. He was not elected to determine what should or should not be funded and is far too partisan, ideological, and corrupted by the Koch's to be trusted with this responsibility.

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