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Kansas Senate passes 'religious freedom' bill for campus student groups

Or just any group based on Islam. If that happens, I assume next year, we'll see another religion-centric bill, except this one will ban religious groups at public universities from receiving tax dollars. That way, our courageous state leaders can keep the wrong kind of groups from receiving funds that might get funneled to potential terrorist activities.

These laws are getting so darn hard to write so that only the "right" religious groups and people get public funds for private use. Pesky constituents keep demanding fairness and openness.

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Kansas House panel endorses effort to change US Constitution

Don't forget, he's also a non-citizen muslim from Kenya and wants to implement sharia law!

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Kansas House panel endorses effort to change US Constitution

Thank you for your enlightened and insightful analysis!

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Kansas panel considers divesting pension fund from Iran

Heh. Oh no you don't. I'm wise to you now Trolly Trollerton.

You're Welcome.

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Senate panel votes to block United Way payroll deductions for public sector employees

A bill to limit peoples' ability to make voluntary contributions via automatic payroll deduction? *boggle* Yet another solution looking for a problem. I wish our legislature would spend as much time on the economy, jobs, and things that their constituents could actually benefit from as they do on negative crap like this bill, all the anti-abortion nonsense, and enshrining the ability of the "religious" to discriminate against and persecute others. All these mean, nasty, negative policy decisions and bills from our state "leaders" is really disappointing and dispiriting.

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Lawmaker suggests school finance case could affect judicial budget

Texas is full of crap like that. Here's an update on what you are referring to:

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Kansas panel considers divesting pension fund from Iran

Ah. I see now. You either just don't understand the content of the things you read or are simply a troll.

You'll notice the links I provided to you are the actual lists which specify terrorist organizations and state sponsors of terrorism as designated by the US government. The information from those state department links directly contradicts your assertion and should demonstrate to you that your source of information, or your interpretation of the information provided by your source of information, is incorrect.

Having had no prior knowledge of the Middle East Monitor link you subsequently provided, there would have been no way for me to single out that site as being GOP/FOX run as you assert and, as you'll notice from my previous post, I did not refer to that site in any way. Instead, I referred directly to your statement and apparent belief in rightwing propaganda.

You do understand that Hezbollah and Iran being removed from a list in a yearly security assessment report submitted to the Senate is significantly different than a change in US government policy and designation for Hezbollah and Iran, don't you?

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Kansas lawmakers move to change bargaining, civil service

By "the state will have a modernized and competitive human resource system", they mean "we'll be able to take away the last remaining protections our severely underpaid / underappreciated public sector employees have and fire them at will to hire lower-paid, less-competent people to take their place and further our talking point that 'government is broken' when state services continue to decline".

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Kansas panel considers divesting pension fund from Iran

War with Iran? Seriously? I guess it makes sense. If the US and our allies are able to get Iran to agree to a deal to curb their nuclear program, it would make it that much harder for the warmongering GOP to secure a new revenue stream for their war-profiteering, corporate backers. So it makes sense they'd want to either get a war started real soon or submarine a deal with Iran...perhaps by inviting warmongering politician from another country who was seeking election to speak before our Congress. Without a boogeyman to keep the old, white, rightwing people afraid in the US, it's tough to get votes these days if you're a "conservative".

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