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What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?

I would go where no man has gone before and never come back...

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Do you have any secondary sources of income?

Primary source: teachingSecondary source: trophy husband(I'm REALLY high maintainence : ) )

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How often do you eat instant (ramen) noodles?

Unlikely, that is what is cool about ljw being on the net-you can take it with you! I moved to TN and am moving next week to Virginia (military family) and still check the news from "home". It is great to see familiar faces and comforting to see that some things never change! Good Luck to you!

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How often do you eat instant (ramen) noodles?

OMG, I LOVE ramen noodles! I used to eat them everyday! Until I peeked at the label-WOW! As Amanda said, waay too much sodium and there are two servings in each package-who eats only half a package of ramen noodles? Meaning it has about a weeks worth of sodium and about 15-20 grams of fat per delicious bag-not good during swimsuit season. Sigh, now it is only an occasional treat. Although now that food is so expensive, these are still the bargin they were during college. I guess this is one food that will have an increase in sales while the economy is tanked.

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Do you believe in psychic ability?

Red heads are NOT evil!

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Do you believe in psychic ability?

I do believe in psychic abilities. As others have said, the mind is an untapped source. I also think that there are so many bogus psychics that swindled people out of money that we have become suspisous of all psychics. I would never call myself a psychic, but I have had moments that could be called psychic-dreams that have come true or pervasive thoughts that have been realized. Some may call it wishful thinking or my subconsious mind processing information-maybe so, but I think it could be untapped psychic ability that we all have.I, too, have a birthday coming up! The big 4-0 for me! We are moving to Virginia, so I will be buried deep in boxes for my birthday : ( On the good side, I am moving into a beautiful house in a friendly neighborhood and (hopefully) a much less stressful job-it's crazy here in Tennessee!Cheers to all of you Geminis and Cancers!d

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Who does the majority of the housework where you live?

My husband read that when women have help with the housework that there tends to me more-er-lovin in the I got a housekeeper : ))))))

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How many times have you changed jobs?

From the tender age of 15, I think it is 9 or 10 (I'm almost 40 now...) I had a couple of 1-2 year stretches that I didn't work because I was birthin and raisin babies too...

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Are you prepared for icy driving conditions?

Yes, but my fellow Mid Southerners never are...everything closes down when the first flake of snow falls, but then they race home on the icy streets. Crazy, Crazy, crazy...

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What is your favorite type of beer?

Smithwicks...made by Guiness, very, very fine!

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