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Fitness programs see lift at new year

I second your comment blessed3x. I personally did not have a good experience with Body Boutique.....gym was awesome but management was terrible.

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Fans give athletes a special send-off

You two deserve this and will make Douglas County and the state of Kansas very proud. Both of you have worked so hard to make it to the games. GO GATORS!!!

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Automatic lease renewal can be costly

Why is this the headline story?

A 30 yr old doesn't read notices attached to her door and she gets front billet on the ljworld.

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Where would you encourage people to volunteer?

Douglas County Special Olympics

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Special Olympians at competition

Great Job Everyone! Our Douglas County Gator team is the best!!!


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New speed limits will stay

I agree with the posted speed limit. With the designated speed now being 40mph, people (including myself) introduce the "fudge factor" and travel 50 mph. If the road was designated a 55 mph zone, some people would "fudge" it to 65 mph.....which is entirely too fast when you are coming into Lawrence or approaching the K10 interchange.

Although, it is perplexing why you can go 45 mph after the Wakarusa/6th St interchange (as you are coming into Lawrence).


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The war over warrantless wiretapping

Optimist....I wish I could be as eloquent as you. Nicely stated. Thank you.

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The war over warrantless wiretapping

Since this forum has become "way" to personal, I am signing off. Why can't we have an adult conversation? I know nothing about you and you know nothing about me to make the judgement calls/accusations that were disappointed.

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The war over warrantless wiretapping

Badger......your ignorance is marked by you resorting to name calling.

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The war over warrantless wiretapping

If there is another terror attack on US soil, everyone will be screaming "where's the government?" "why didn't the government stop it?" "when did the government know about it?" We should use every tool at our disposal to thwart another attack and win this war on terrorism. I don't see the terrorist running around screaming "my rights are being abused".....they will stop at nothing to bring our country down.

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