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Powerlifter to take place among elite American Indian athletes in national hall of fame

Brady, you are one of the most positive people I have ever deserve this for all your hard work--very proud of you!!

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First Bell: A school board member's life comes with challenges

How is this even a story? Very poor reporting LJWorld!!

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Lawrence school board members vote to close Wakarusa Valley School

Merrill, I'm not sure I understand your comments compared to who you are supporting. According to Masten's online chat comments, he supports closing schools. Can you clarify?

"Randy Masten:
The Task Force recommended a two-phased process: close one school, but no more than that, this year, and then, over the next 3-5 years, use a community-involved process to consolidate schools on the east side and the central area of Lawrence. In my view the entire process depends on the current board honoring the recommendations for the first phase. If, as recommended, this board closes no more than one school this year, as I believe is appropriate and best suited to maintain community support for the plan, I think we have a very good chance of gaining broad community support for the bond issues necessary for the second phase. I will then support the Task Force's second-phase recommendations, and I favor moving ahead with a community process to plan those consolidations. The Task Force left many critical elements of those consolidations for further discussion and decision, and I think the Task Force was exactly right that we will best ensure community support for the necessary bonds if we plan the process appropriately and inclusively."

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Lawrence school board members vote to close Wakarusa Valley School

Lawrence can spend $18 million on a new homeless shelter expansion (aka library) but it can't spend $500,000 on keeping a school open. I know, different 'pots' of money, but stil......

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Best Photos of 2010: Richard Gwin

Richard, GREAT photos!! What a year!!

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Attitude likely to affect sales

I waited 30 minutes in the check out line at Kohls last Saturday and could barely find parking spots in KC yesterday. I guess I do not understand where our economy is "hurting". Can someone explain?

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Revamped race hits ground running

Awesome Half Marathon!! It was well organized, scenic, fun, and the volunteers were amazing! The best race I have ever participated in.

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Hunt targets hog haven at Clinton Lake

"mick"--your post was hilarious. Thanks!

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