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South Lawrence Trafficway contract to be awarded Sept. 18; construction to begin soon after

I hope the give the contract to someone who will charge appropriate tolls to recoup the cost of building the road. I figure $1/car, $4/semi should be sufficient. It would be a real waste if it were left free.

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Doctor shortage a looming health issue

Except your money only covers the initial doctor's visit. Good luck with the prescriptions, tests, hospitalizations, and medical equipment. That $100 won't go far.

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Another shocker! 12th-seeded KU women upset South Carolina, 75-69, to return to Sweet 16

Fantastic success! Congratulations to both basketball programs!

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City approves development agreement, tax abatement for $25M Rock Chalk Park recreation center

Fourth-generation Kansan here. I grew up in Lawrence and left when I was 27, not to return. My family still lives there and I enjoy visiting, but there are other places in the world. Happy hunting :)

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Lawrence schools now out of snow days

Collaboration is important. So is instruction. I would much prefer that students be in class 5 days a week from 10 to 5 (or whatever the standard day is nowadays) and have instructor collaboration and assignment marking the first 90 minutes (from 8-9:30). That way, students do not have to get up so early, which studies have also shown improves learning and exam performance.

And raise teacher pay accordingly for more hours required.

Of course, I'm also a huge believer in year-round schooling with two-week breaks between terms. More pay for this too. There is no reason that k-12 instruction shouldn't be a year-round, 8-5 profession that is paid a good wage.

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Sound Off: Cat leash law

My cats walk on leashes without any problem, but I trained them since they were kittens.

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Powerful supermajorities elected to statehouses could have broad consequences

Actually, the traditionally Red states draw the most public assistance. "Moocher" states are Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi... These are states with high unemployment, high diabetes, poor public education, high teen birth rates.

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Romney makes case for jobs, lots of jobs

Ah, if only the Republican-controlled House hadn't blocked every serious attempt to legislate job creation. No foreign policy? Are you serious? At least Obama actually went after Bin Laden instead of using him as a political tool for domestic policy like Bush did. Strange bizarro world you live in.

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Romney makes case for jobs, lots of jobs

Can you pose an intelligent question without using a number of logical fallacies? No?

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