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New speed limits will stay

A scam it is. Have you ever wonder why certain roads don't have the speed limit posted at all for a long stretches it's so you don't know it. Makes money I guess it makes sense. Watch out for the hatters.

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1 killed, 1 injured in shooting outside downtown nightclub

TO answer the qestion. No this was not a black or white thing this was a stupid thing. Nothing to due with race beides the easy target of of hiphop being prodomunate black. Yes on thing Bank boy or whoever said was right was the fact people don't think thier words are that powerful well we have seen time after time that word do get people killed. But what's the message over all in your music love or hate if it's hate it well spawn hate in my music that's not the case it's love. People think more broad not so narrow minded. Love

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1 killed, 1 injured in shooting outside downtown nightclub

So Bank boy can say pop a cap in a Black person ass But I cant' voice my oppion see how rascist lawrence is. It's cool I'm used it. Yall don't see what thier doing . THeir going to call this shooting a black thing. ONe day hip hop will be big enough to rock memorial statuim uhh hatters now erase this punks

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1 killed, 1 injured in shooting outside downtown nightclub

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1 killed, 1 injured in shooting outside downtown nightclub

See you guys are fuled by hate post something positive man. anyway I do hip hop as I said before I'm not a viloent person. Plus what's this "I want it to go back to the little theatre it was" yeah right. Push all the hip hoping minorites out and you got your white surburben down down hot spot of a theathe again thanks for letting me know some of yall have not over come *hit and you main foucus is to blaim ohters. What a shame. YOUr comment make me sick.

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1 killed, 1 injured in shooting outside downtown nightclub

This is an cry out fro help and also a outrage. I mean this city let's us do are music and says don't start nothing and were respectful and we don't. But then these guys from Topeka and Kansas City do. They like to kill each other over money, drugs and stuff they say about each other on record. That a load crap. I myself a Lawrence native (originlly from STL) do hiphop music in this town and I have for years, we have done countless shows in the down town district and beyond plus we have rocked the Granada many of times opening up for major act like Tech Nine. If we can keep a cool head and never have a fight so can they. It's a problem with acts form other places, I don't want no one to judge Lawrence rappers or all the city rappers but most of the problem comes from out of towners. I love performing and doing music but I also love when we love and respect each other not this. I hope we all can get pass this and know most of us are not like this.Were all like this. Sorry for the familes lost and the one who was injured they are in my prayers.

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Boy killed when struck by minivan

I would like to say sorry for the familes loss. It's a sad day for lawrence. I hope every one takes the time to reflect on the fact what if this was your child. I'm a proud father of a 4 yr girl and a two year boy and i don't know what i would do. We should all pray for them.

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Drug frustrations mount

Well I work for the goverment and I'm also here to hlep not to hurt. Alot of what Pork Ribs said was true but for every 10 lazy smoking, drinking spam eating people that are suckng what they can from the goverment thier is that one person that was born with deities and drugs for them are vital. Along with the person born with a heart mumor or just got old took great care of them sleves all thier lives. What about the service man that severd in the gulf war that caught somthing that gave him cancer and he died, these drugs are needed. And yu can't always blame people because they don't know what they do is wrong some know and choose not to change your right ribs they will fail. But alot of this is due to miseducation to sell a product for the rute of all evil. Should people let the wicked or the uneducated die it's a great debate but also a sad reality.

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Retail planning on the horizon

SO So true Roen that a diffrent name. But anyway I've been trying to start a buiness for years but the city is so dam greedy so I can't afford to rent out a space. Being a owner of anything is lawrence a given. You got to have a lil lute lying around your fam casue if not not ging to happen. That why it's a fast growing city but it's starting to lose it's morals. What happen to the average joe starting up something? Now you have to be in a click and if your african american you have to have not's of frineds around here or lot's of money. It's sad I will have to open a recording studio in lower income area with more of my kind minorites. Drinving in the rich and doing away wiltih the poor I know lawrence were not welcome. it's so sad cause my coaches form Pee-wee to high school always said your special cuase your lawrence kids and we knew what he meant, it was like telling us we had super powers and we were a diffrent breed of people, more morals and we care and we stick togethter I don't no more I always knew it was bigger that football. "Your Lawrence Kids your special" (Skip Bennett) Southwest Jr. One of my favorite coaches and teachers. He ment it and I know he still does.

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Report: Sugary snacks should be suspended

Well I went to FreeState High school and I drank from those vending michines mostly Power-Aid but when not power aid I drank grape soda. and It right next to the gyms and atletic area so it was easy to grab a soda on the way to or from practice. these sugar drinks don't help are prformance. When I went to college running track coach would not allow of to drink soft drinks but as in high school trully it was are choice. The coaches at free state look slighly down on the kids that chose to drink it becuae they know the effect. It should not be allowed in the school's but what if they told me on a very hot day I cold nnot have my grape soda i would have protested even thoght it took me being a college athlete to truley so the diffrent of my rformance when I drank these drinks and when I din't. It's a soft drink war of the mind. Like cig's be better not to have the inticment aorund peroid but we have seen witih smokes they not that forgiving.

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