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What a great place! We are so happy with their grooming services!! My dog is well cared for, he even wags his tail as we go in, no fear of the groomer! He looks and smells fantastic when he is done (not "perfume - like", just a great, clean smell). They carry the best brands of food and treats. The entire staff is knowledgeable about different kinds of diets, I know because I have asked a million questions! Excellent customer service! All around, a great place for you and your furry friend!

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Sunset Hill principal to resign

I feel so fortunate that my kids benefited directly from the school community that Chris Bay built. He met all of his goals, they felt safe, accepted and special! Sunset Hill is an amazing school and it set the stage for very successful experiences at all grades, even beyond elementary. We wish him the very best, I'm sure Mr. Bay will be successful in his new career. He will be missed!

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Sound Off: Why do the four middle schools each have their own unique honor roll systems instead of a

Heck, grades are calculated differently WITHIN each middle school due to standards based grading. 6th graders only get letter grades in core classes so honor roll achievement must be calculated differently for 6th graders compared to 7th and 8th graders. Talk about complicated!!

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School consolidation working group renews resolve for mission

I sure miss Mark Fagan - he would be asking the hard questions, he had a wealth of knowledge regarding the school consolidation issue. This is such a critical time for in depth reporting. We need daily stories regarding potential consolidation. Reporting on the views of our newest board members, questioning whether Gould Evans should be excluded from any future bids, reporting in depth on the RSP maps (and the effects on all schools, many boundary changes), following up on the Wakarusa transition and any savings realized and how those savings were spent. So many great story ideas from the people commenting above!

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First Bell: D for distinguished? My, how report cards are changing; district offers developmental screenings, Employee Assistance Program

Mark, I'm curious to know what grade levels will use the E,S,M system? If used for middle school (as the district letter suggests), will skyward continue to be used since it's based on a percentage system and traditional letter grades? How will middle school students prepare for traditional letter grades given at the high school level? What will happen to honor rolls and academic recognition?

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Now or later? Lawrence school board to debate consolidation on Monday night

What a sad attitude (not yours, necessarily, deec) - diversity is what we should value about our schools (peasant class is not the correct term). This is what makes east and central schools the most amazing schools. Even consolidating these schools would bring "rich" communities together. Rich in diversity, rich in parent involvement, rich in language, rich in academic achievement. My biggest concern is transportation. We cannot expect young kids/families to cross major intersections. If we transition to larger schools, we must address the 2.5 mile limit on bussing! AND consider onsite afterschool care. Think Jr. High - they are amazing when 3 or more elementary schools are brought together. We need to get past this, if we can solve the transportation concerns. Lawrence needs to have a serious discussion regarding what is valued. Neighborhood schools come at a cost to the taxpayer, I, for one, think they are worth it, but if the consensus and logic dictates consolidation - then let's make the best of it. I am thankful the board is considering the input of the public. I think it should be the work of the new board that will see us through the next several years.

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Plan needed

Great letter!   How can our school board vote on this tonight?  I was at several public forums and felt like the "big picture" was never discussed. By giving the public guided discussion topics and dividing the 9th grade and 6th grade forums, they succeeded in avoiding the tough questions.  What will our district look like if reconfiguration happens now and five years from now?  What will the financial impact be?  Will construction and expansion be needed to make room for the ninth graders? How many elementary schools will close as a result of moving 6th grade?  Surely school district administration must know the answers to the “big picture" questions, but they are not sharing their plan with the public.  Have they shared the plan with the school board? 

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Three Lawrence assistant principals to add teaching to their days

Merrill just listed 26 positions. I do not understand how that could not be reduced by at least ONE to save the principal position at Wakarusa Valley. Each school should have an onsite principal, especially a remote rural school. Not to mention that elimination of just a few more administrators would save several teaching jobs. How can we best be heard? Email the school board? Cuts need to be made furthest from the kids FIRST, however, that is not the approach of this administration.

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Lawrence's Third High School - Reconfiguration Result

You have done a lot of research! I don't doubt that a 3rd high school is the ultimate goal but I did think of a couple of questions. Isn't it the southwest corner of town that wants their own high school (so they don't have so far to travel to Lawrence High)? Is the land that was purchased by the district in the southeast corner of town? Also, how would having three high schools affect 6A classification for athletics?

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The Deception of District Community Discussions

Very interesting. I was at one of the ninth grade forums and felt like the "big picture" was never discussed. What will our district look like if reconfiguration happens? What will the financial impact be? Will construction and expansion need to occur to accomodate the ninth graders? How many grade schools will close as a result of moving 6th and 9th graders? Which schools will close? They surely know the answers to the "big picture" questions, but by giving us guided discussion topics and dividing the 9th grade and 6th grade forums, do they hope to avoid the tough questions? Our school board surely would not vote to move ahead without knowing how this will impact the district financially. Is it true they may vote on this at the April 26 meeting? Why aren't they sharing the entire plan?

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