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Lawrence man, 69, ordered to 25 years to life for molesting 4-year-old at day care center

I am glad he is going to be serving time and I hope someone has a good time with him in prison. It is a shame how many times nothing comes out of situations like this!

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Random drug testing of welfare recipients approved

When it comes down to it, if I have to "pee in a cup" to continue getting foodstamps, I will. There will be a time when I am making more money and won't need the assistance. At that point and as it is now, my tax dollars are helping put food not only on my table, but on others that need that assistance. I really don't mind helping people that need assistance but, if a person has $25 to go buy drugs then that is $25 they can put towards food. No one can be forced to get treatment, they have to want it. I see no problem doing drug test to anyone recieving assistance, give users the opportunity to get help they may not otherwise get or be given the opportunity to get, don't take away there assistance just let everyone know you shouldn't be doing drugs and there are consequences. Maybe instead of food stamps give food. Don't do random just have everyone do it.

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Random drug testing of welfare recipients approved

I am a 30+ single mother who has returned to school. I have NEVER recieved any assistance. I work full time and go to school part time. I do rely on foodstamps to help feed me and my child. I do not do drugs,drink or smoke. I am all for people getting tested. Go for it..

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