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Letter: Health police

Oh Jon Bon Jambor....

This should go well with your "Bad Medicine"

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Do you donate to organizations during the holiday season?

I "donate" my $0.75 for an LJW paper now and again ($1.75 on Sundays) to help keep some lunch money in the kid's pockets!!!!!

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Lawrence mayor to pay up on bet after KU loses football game to West Virginia

Morgantown (Star City) is a bit of a spithole though WVU is a cool party place. Fun place to party (Ill Communication makes for a good soundtrack) if you are underage (was easy to get away with), however, if you are of age, go elsewhere because Morgantown is a bit of a spithole!

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Lawrence man sentenced to 25 months in burglary case

Funny, I'd say Don Cheadle

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Sound Off: I was concerned about the expense of installing automatic watering systems at Prairie Par

Teach them not to judge a book by its cover. Grass, green or brown, is not going to affect how or what the students learn. Maybe if some of the parents cared as much about their kid's education as they do for the grass in front of the school, America might be leading in categories other than being fat and lazy!!
FYI, churches don't have to look like a mansion to serve their purpose nor do grocery stores.

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Lesser prairie chicken may get threatened listing

I done found me sum of dem prairie chicks a few weeks ago...dem critters sure is hard to catch but even feistier when ya do get one

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State agency working on sex trafficking bill

Can't they just put up a sex traffic light or a sex stop sign to help slow the sex trafficking?

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