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38 individuals to be honored at Valor Awards Recognition luncheon

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

I would tell you but then I would get 'disappeared' forever.

OOPs. Guess I am anyway !!!!!

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City leaders want to meet with Indian tribe over future of North Lawrence land

Merrill - you have been around long enough that I shouldn't have to even reply to your comment - "That $750,000 for the shelter is a loan with a lien. "

You don't seriously believe that means anything to the Shelter, do you? The only reason they are coming to the City is because their construction loan is coming due and they can't pay it. What makes you think they will have money to pay this - mortgage or not ??

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Letter: Consequences

Fred- you are missing the point that jafs is trying to make. I agree with you that if one side or the other doesn't like a law that is passed they should try to change it. They have tried that over 40 times and failed. So now they resort to extortion and hold the rest of the country hostage until they get their way. THAT is what people have a problem with. Well, that and now trying to spin it and blame Obama for not wanting to have 'talks'. Fortunately I think a lot of Americans are seeing through that c***.

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

Hey, I have an idea for a fun day on here, since it is so many people's last day - - - -

Why don't we all reveal who (we think) everyone else is ???? Come on, it will be fun.

I will start..... Smitty is/was actually ...... (deleted by LJW moderators)

Actually, that would probably shut down this whole thing quicker than LJW thought. :)

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

Well, so long folks. I guess my moniker has turned into 'somebodyOLD' now. I actually have a Facebook, however not in my name. I also do not use it anymore since my job has changed and there is no need for it. I have just be too negligent to close it down. The fact the LJW actually believes this doesn't happen just shows how far behind the times and technology they actually are !!

I will not have an account in my name and will not do one now because of some paper. This will do nothing to improve the quality of the posts on here, but it is their paper and they can do as they want.

I am also one who does not feel comfortable posting under my real name. Not because I am afraid of what I say, or get out of hand, but because of not only my position, but also my family's. I do not want one of my family suffering repercussions from what I post, because sometimes they don't agree with my stance, but could be targeted. I have always been willing to own up to what I say, but no one else should have to answer for it.

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Kansas Supreme Court reverses issuance of permit to build coal-fired power plant in southwest Kansas

Well, something tells me Mr. Bremby should be smiling and holding his head high !!! Good job, Rod.

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Kansas delegation holds position of making government funding contingent on delaying Obamacare

Two Questions:
1. Why do they have to sit down and talk NOW, where was all this willingness to talk months ago??
2. Why should they come to a table when they already know your side of the conversation?? It has been made PAINFULLY obvious that the R's will not do anything unless they can hijack ACA.

OK, one more question- what is the next law the R's won't like and hold up the American people to get their way.??

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City to consider issuing industrial revenue bonds for Rock Chalk Park project

"It was not clear on Friday what the original $40 million estimate made in March included."

This thing is just like dead fish - it doesn't smell any better the longer it goes. Well, unless you are Fritzell. Then it smells better every day as that huge pile of money gets closer and closer.

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Editorial: Shelter support

"The city of Lawrence has invested too much in the Lawrence Community Shelter to now allow the shelter to fall into a serious financial bind. "

OK, so when is the City NOT invested too much ?? Put this money on top of what was already given, so then next year when they come looking for more then the City is REALLY too invested to let something happen.

With this line of thinking the Shelter shouldn't ever have to worry about money - just go to the City because we have so much in that we have to put more in.

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