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Controversial Christian linked to skyrocketing number of predators


Lets say that Mr. Rosenberg used meditation techniques taught in Buddhism as an evaluation tool, rather than stuff from the Bible.

Do you honestly believe that this would even raise an eyebrow? Not bloody likely.

It is quite obvious that you are a person who either has NO religion or does not allow his/her religion to "interfere with the real world". How sad for you to be so closed minded.

Get down to Signs of Life and read Francis Schaefers trilogy. Then, perhaps we can have an intellectual dialogue.

Until that time I would thank you to keep your opinions regarding MY posts to yourself. Stick to posting your opinions about the article in question. You don't want to pick a fight that it is impossible for you to win.

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Controversial Christian linked to skyrocketing number of predators

If Rex Rosenberg used the teachings of Bhudda in his work, the Journal-World article would be filled with praise about what a courageous pioneer he was.
Because the man is a conservative Christian, and applies his beliefs to real-world situations, he is labeled as a nut case.
Tell me it isn't true!

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