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Cyclist suffers critical injuries after being struck by SUV

And with that logic, a person hit by an car is no less injured than a person who is hit by a semi truck? Ignorant. Try thinking before you troll.

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September 23rd Early Morning Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up

Another Lawrence burglary spree has been happening in that neighborhood. Stay vigilant in that 18th and Indiana area. Don't hesitate to call the police immediately when something looks or sounds suspicious in the early morning hours of the weekend, especially very early on Sunday morning. These particular burglars have been in that neighborhood multiple times, each time it seems to be early Sunday morning between 3:30am and 7:00am after a Saturday night. They may make a lot of noise before entering a house to ascertain whether the homeowner is present. Stay alert in that area!

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Statehouse Live: KDOT announces plan to cut 40 positions

Sageon - do you actually work or are you sitting at home on government aid? If you actually do have a job, judging by the amount of time you spend on here it seems as though your employer should look into trimming some wasteful fat.

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Colorado massacre suspect James Holmes appears in court with orange hair

What is your point? Do some research before you start posting uneducated ramblings.

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Town Talk: Lawrence home sales for first half of year up nearly 11 percent; Americans for Prosperity rep. urges City Commission to dump sustainability posts

The main intent of the environmental movement is to take away property rights? What a conspiracy.

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City seeks ideas for skate park

Keep it up Lawrence! We need more outdoor parks and recreational activities such as skate parks, bike parks, disc golf courses, walking trails, bike trails, playgrounds, dog parks, etc. Love to see that the city supports outdoor recreational activities! Next, how about a new bike park similar to Boulder's Valmont Bike Park for all the cycling enthusiasts in this town!

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Westar says it can't comply with EPA's new pollution rules

What deep ocean vent colony did you evolve from? I want to study this creature who has the capacity to use a keyboard yet be able to thrive solely on food and water. Scientists will likely want to know what type of respiration you do as an organism. I am guessing you have evolved a unique and efficient anaerobic respiration system that has the ability to support a fairly large organism for that type of respiration. Wow, it is so cool that there is a keyboard able species that doesn't require air for it's life or well being!

I wish the rest of us humans and other organisms had no need to worry about our measly dependence on air. Thank you for again verifying that evolution is real and is happening right now!

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Science takes a beating in early presidential campaign

Great article!

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Do you consume energy drinks like Red Bull or 5-Hour Energy?

If I could only get my hands on an IV bag and an endless supply of Monster Absolute Zero...

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