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Gary Bedore's KU basketball notebook: Spring recruiting begins today

Rio is no longer unranked. He is in the Rivals top 100, along with Peters, White, and Ellis. Lucas is sitting just outside the top 150.

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KU better off Withey than without-ey

I'll be this guy. Maybe you don't understand how it works? The two final four games are the national semi-finals, which were in San Antonio in 2008, making the sentence correct.

In any case, I'd make a case that Withey is at his best when he is blocking shots defensively and drawing fouls and getting to the free throw line on the other end.

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Slow beginning leaves OSU at a loss

Really was that one sentence??? I think T-Rob bringing the ball up the court is fine on occasion, although I am surprised Self allows it. We have seen him go coast-to-coast with the ball a few times and make good things happen. This being said, I do think he might be trying to play from the Royce White mold a little too much. He has to play his game. It got him to NPOY caliber.

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Some rematch: ’Bama rolls

You need a cold shower before you make a mess, partner. You saying that the SEC teams would beat any other team, or LSU would kill any other team they played is what is ridiculous. We will never know because they will never play. OSU is a very talented offensive football team. LSU is overrated offensively, if that is even possible. Vice versa defensively. But to me, the B12 and even the PAC match-up decently to the SEC's top 3 teams. I'm not saying the SEC is not the best football conference because profoundly it is. But Southern Cal was way underrated and a very talented football team that did not have much to play for and I don't think them beating Oregan was a big surprise. Oregan's only other loss was of course to LSU. But that was long ago. Conversely though, KSU did no justice as the 3rd best B12 team when facing the 3rd best SEC school, as I try to compare conferences.

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Some rematch: ’Bama rolls

OSU----Sure, they had a bad loss to ISU. Without making too many excuses, that was immediately proceeding the death of their women's basketball coach. But it doesn't matter. To me, anyone but Bama. They had their shot. There is such an overbearing infatuation with the SEC in this country. All we hear about is how the SEC has however many championships in a row, yet they pin two SEC teams in the "title" game, therefore securing that it will remain in the conference at least one more year. It is a joke.

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Some rematch: ’Bama rolls

The only team that should not have been there last night was Bama. I would not argue that they are not one of the two best teams in the country if not the best, but they still should not have been there, in my humble opinion. They already had their shot at LSU at home and didn't get it done. So what they won last night? So the two teams finished 1-1 on the season and that is supposed to prove that one is clearly better. Last night, sure. Several weeks back, no.

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Local WR Justin McCay to transfer to KU

It looks like Romeo Crennel is being retained as HC in Kansas City. Any hopes of him being the guy at DC are out the window.

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Charlie Weis’ defensive line a priority

That is not possible, as Christ has one year of eligibility left and the BM kid must sit out a year per NCAA rules. Replacing Christ with Heaps may sound more realistic.

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Blue chip recruit Brannen Greene picks KU

It has been mostly speculated that Isaiah Lewis would be the point guard to come with Greene, but I have often wondered if it might not be. Consequently, I did some research and everything I have gathered points to Tyler Ennis being that guy. The Canadian pg has been a teammate of Lewis and is the higher rated prospect of the two, and they have said they will not play together in college because of minutes. I was creepin' on Greene's twitter page and I saw that Lewis, among many others (including Chris Walker), had congratulated Greene on his commitment to Kansas. He replied to Lewis with a simple "thanks". Now, I am not a mind reader and I usually hate to speculate, but I'll go ahead just this once. He replied to the Ennis congratulatory post with a "Thanks bro, text me because we need to chat". I don't know, but this sounds like the beginning of a recruitment pitch to me. This came after several previous posts and articles written about Greene recruiting Freeman, Walker, Randle, and Ennis, not Lewis, to the University of Kansas.

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Tyshawn Taylor ‘feeling good’ after surgery

I got Greene as a KU commit. Then, shortly after, expect his buddy Chris Walker (#8 player in 2013 and absolute stud) to commit to Kansas. He recently came under fire from media for calling out coach Cal on twitter for not showing more interest in him, then announced KU as his leader. I am really excited about these two guys, although they may put KU on the outside looking in on #1 ranked Jabari Parker and #3 ranked Julius Randle as Greene and Walker play their same positions, respectively. Also, Walker says he may be a package deal with2nd ranked center Nerlen Noel in 2013. It is an exciting time for Jayhawk Basketball as the 2012 class looks like a foundation class, with 2013 (pure shooter Frankamp already commited) packed with stars.

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