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Police cite 27 motorists in Monday night seat-belt enforcement

blah blah blah, one night ticketing people, we was run off the road by someone on the phone , bent down trying to pick up something and almost killed us. where was the police for that. we always want this and that. and everyone wants to cry and say what they think is wrong or right. but seriously if we want to wear a freaking seat belt we will. it is ten freaking dollars, who cares. where is the ticket for all those texting and on their phones. get your minds right. or is it that everyone thinks that is ok as long as you have a seatbelt on. will a seatbelt save you when someone plows through you while they are on the phone. what a joke.

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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

it does not matter if u call the school, if your child is sick. after so many missed days that is that. period. the school does not care if you call. you must provide a doctors note after you miss so many days even if you provide a doctors note for the prior days missed. it is a mess. unfair. they need to be more clear. we provide a doctors note and that is fine. and then when we miss school for having loose stools, we have to go pay a doctor to get a doctors note, this is a joke, just so we are not turned into dcf. what about the teachers and principals, and nurses and staff, do we have the same policy for them. do we hold them to the same. or can they just miss school whenever they want. the school district needs to make sure the ones that are turning parents in are the ones that are following the same guidelines.

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Illinois woman receives one year of probation in case where children were bound and blindfolded in parking lot

its the grid. if they havent been in trouble they go by the grid. they always get probation. this town is like that. dont blame the judge. blame the grid. ive been victimited by the grid. and everyone walks with probation. the district attorneys office goes by the grid. it is a joke.

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Lawrence man receives probation for aggravated burglary, criminal threat

the old famous grid the da uses. victims have no rights in this town. criminals will continue until they get rid of the so called grid and punish these people.

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Lawrence police officer killed in one-vehicle accident at Sixth and Wakarusa

Matt was a great officer and a good person. honest and fair. we learned to appreciate him. he will be greatly missed by our family. god bless to his friends and family during this difficult time.

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Former KU student arrested for botched armed robbery; second suspect in hospital with gunshot wound

he committed a crime in douglas county. but dont worry the have a grid. and he will get off just like every other kid that does bad things to innocent people in this town. the only thing these kids hear is grid, probation, give the county some money and off they go to be bad some more. that is why there is no control in this town. and everything is out of control. innocent people have no rights. not in this county.

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Lawrence sex offender listed in Boy Scouts files used to be vice principal

he threw my husband out of his school, what the nerve, now we know why. what a jerk. why should he be able to move on the kids are having a hard time doing it. the nerve.

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City condemns 24-unit apartment building on West 26th Street, issues eviction notices

remember when you was a little boy and you stole something and you got caught we all know because we all went through it the only question is you didnt learn anything from it.

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City condemns 24-unit apartment building on West 26th Street, issues eviction notices

whats wrong man, missing the inside, dont worry you will be back soon. reserve for you.

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City condemns 24-unit apartment building on West 26th Street, issues eviction notices

it is amazing to me all the people over the years that have been down on their luck and have come to rex to get a place to live once twice or maybe even three times with their hat in their hand. he has always helped people out. if he has not had a place he has called someone or turned them to someone that could get them in somewhere. people talk bad of him, his company, his family, his help and whatever. but down deep his heart has always been in the right place. to help people that need it. i am shocked and appaulled at the judgement the society the town he has loved so much is going after him. it sickens me that it is horrid and hateful. he lived in this town too. he is a jayhawker for life. you cant keep him down. he gave blood sweat for many folks to have shelter for over 30 years. and this is all we have better to do is to attack a senior that has only done for those in this town. im ashamed to even read and see what people are !!about this man. you all should be ashamed. for what he has done for you or someone you know. shame on you. i love you rex. keep your head and dont worry your REAL frends and family will never leave your side. we DONT judge. we SUPPORT YOU. GO JAYHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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