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State seeking proposal to develop resort at Clinton Lake State Park

Huge profit for the crony investors; huge loss of a public facility to "privatization". This will turn Clinton Lake into a private club. At least its not a strip mine, or an oil well, as in Cheyenne Bottoms.

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Editorial: Privacy lost

Wow. Irony doesn't really get much better than this!

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Editorial: Privacy lost

Does the outrage expressed in this editorial mean that the JW is taking a firm stand against data mining? Does the JW support those whistle-blowers who have brought these programs out of secrecy? What will the editor do when the NSA comes calling for their records?

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City commissioner to host meeting Thursday on improving storm shelter availability

I support Farmer on this. Since the corporate federal government refuses to take any action regarding climate change, at least we can provide our schools with safe rooms for the storms and tornadoes that are coming. The safety of school children is a top priority in Lawrence, so the modest expense of reinforcing existing buildings to provide tornado shelters would be paid with pride, I think.

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KU graduate is pioneering advocate for people with disabilities in Vietnam

A great story for Memorial Day, when we should remember the harms caused by wars, the wounded, disabled and dead - particularly the civilian victims. In Vietnam, over 15% of the population has a disability, and the high percentage reflects the lingering effects of the war there. Support the healing and help the veterans and survivors.

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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

Truancy in kindergarten. It's important to catch these little criminals early, so they can be taken from their parents and placed in one of our fine correctional institutions.

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KU atheist group having conference this month

On the contrary, my inference was that atheists have rejected religion for the very hypocrisy that you have noted.

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Editorial: Thatcher inspiration

The "free market" that you attribute to Thatcher is a corporate monopoly that has usurped power from the people, destroying democracy as well as freedom of markets. Its optimism is born of greed, not of freedom. Carried to its logical conclusion, laisser-faire capitalism leads to plantation slavery, extreme economic inequality, and fascism. Thatcher and Reagan were paid agents of this insurgent power, as has now become the norm for most politicians, including Obama.

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KU atheist group having conference this month

Many atheists become so after having an allergic reaction to dogmatic religion. It is not God they reject, but the concept of God provided by religion. They are still concerned with living a moral life.

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