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Civil suit hits Collins for $75K

Seriously, what is wrong with all of you people? I am a born and bred Lawrence native and KU fan and right now i am ashamed of both knowing that it is ok with everyone what collins did because he was a part of a 'championship' team. So that makes him better than the rest of us because he has mediocre talent!!! I bet if all you non believers would spend one week working in the towers (or any other student/athelete housing) and see how these "perfect angels" treat the people that have to clean up after them then you would see them in a whole different light!! Get a grip people, they are no different then the rest of us, they put their pants on one leg at a time as well!! My dad who was the ultimate KU fan and worked in the Athletic department my whole life wouldn't of even thought twice about doubting these charges due to the fact that the ones of us in the real world that deal with them on a regular basis know what their true colors are. Don't get me wrong there have been some awesome student athletes on and off the court but to ask why it was post poned for so long or why he didn't respond, well duh, first he is a KU bb ball player and second, he thought it would never go very far and didn't give it a second thought because he is a ku bb ball player that just won a championship and he figured that no one in this town would want to do him harm...i give kudos to that judge and shame on all you women that are all ok with any man sexually assulting you or your daughter, what is wrong with you???

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