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New Lawrence PAC raises $14K as City Commission election draws near; Farmer top candidate fundraiser at $11K

Let me see if I have this right? Any candidate who accepts a political contribution (no matter how small) is then obligated to do whatever it is that they are told to do by the contributor? The only person we should vote for is one who accepts no money or perhaps accepts money from a political faction that you agree with? Got it....thanks for your learned and unbiased opinion.

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Dean of Education initiated recent email incident over turkey abuse case

The fraternity boys made stupid decisions while under the influence....I am sure that all of you who are calling for their beheadings and banishment have never made stupid decisions under the influence. It is unlikely these offenders have ever made mistakes in judgement resulting in injury to an animal prior to this. We still don't know how sadistic their behaviors were and I suspect their may be some embellishment (or at least different sides to the same story) in the amount of abuse and torture that occurred at thefraternity house. Punish appropriately those who transgressed and make the fraternity boys contribute their time to the humane society and lets move on.

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Police respond to animal cruelty complaint at KU fraternity

There seems to be a lot of people who hate the Greek houses on this forum. Any act of animal cruelty is unwarranted and sickening. Any member of Beta who tortured or purposely harmed an innocent animal should be dealt with in a swift and just manner. Kicking the whole chapter off campus because of this act would be similar to telling all of your children never to return to your house after one of them committed some similar misdeed (getting a DUI, getting into a fight where someone is seriously injured, etc). Beta should atone for their sins and pay retribution to whomever has been harmed....throwing the baby out with the bath water seems a little severe since it is unlikely the entire house participated in the crime.

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Did the presidential debates help you decide for whom you will vote?

My thoughts exactly.....states exactly the problem I had with Obama over the past four years.

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Wal-Mart files suit over retaining wall built at Sixth and Wakarusa store

Crying about big corporations ruining American lives....never heard that one before. What we need is more stimulus money and more entitlement programs from the federal government to really get this economy going again and restoring the American dream. Our grandparents knew that betterment of their lives was dependent on their efforts...our generation has decided that complaining about everything and pointing the finger at Wal Mart will somehow fulfill our dreams. If you hate the service Wal Mart supplies.....don't go there....they will soon go out of business just like the mom and pop stores.

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Wal-Mart files suit over retaining wall built at Sixth and Wakarusa store

I opened up this article fulling expecting to see the usual bashing of Wal Mart which occurs everytime this company is mentioned in the LJW. You folks never cease to meet my expectations. If only you put as much time into making a successful business yourselves as you put into attacking Wal Mart at every opportunity. Wla Mart experienced shoddy construction of a retaining wall performed in the construction of their all make it sound as if this only happens at discount retailers....this is simply not the case.

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Departing school board members offer thoughts on their tenures

What is wrong with you people who criticize everything our school board members do? Does it make you feel better that you can anonymously make personal vindictives against these people who essentially volunteer their time to try and improve our community. Identify yourselves and run for the school board so we can see how brilliantly you would do it.

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Another snow day would force Lawrence school district to make up for lost time

Teachers earn every cent of their meager salaries. Why is it some people complain about everything on these forums?

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Kansas Supreme Court orders re-arguments in medical malpractice lawsuit

Malpractice victim:

I am sorry this bad outcome happened to you. I cannot imagine the anger and grief you must have as a result of having to be on dialysis due to lack of deligence by your physician. I suspect he is upset and feels guilty about least I hope he does. Delayed diagnosis can be malpractice although it is hard to say what exactly occurred in your case without knowing the particulars.

When a doctor does a particular activity one thousand times, something is going to go wrong at least once. I am not sure this inevitability is malpractice as much as it is a consequence of living and the imperfection of living. This is what malpractice insurance is for.

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Charlette and Tom Blubaugh expected to plead guilty in KU ticket scandal case

I am confused....haven't all the currently charged defendants changed their pleas to guilty in order to cooperate with authorities and testify against others. Just who are they going to be testifying against since they have all plead gulity?

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