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Brownback, Schmidt say Kansas will join other states in tobacco agreement

That should be the overall intent - to have these funds stop coming into the states. If that happens then it will signify a victory for public health because the tobacco pandemic will be over.

What is an absolute abomination is that very few states are using the appropriate amount of tobacco settlement monies toward tobacco control measures and education to prevent the addiction of the next replacement generation of smokers.

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Brownback, Schmidt say Kansas will join other states in tobacco agreement

Kansas is not the only state that is not divulging the amount of their settlement. Figures from Alabama were also not made public at this time.

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State shuts down roll-your-own cigarette machines

Well, the word 'safe' and 'cigarettes' are oxymorons since if used as directed, smoking cigarettes will eventually kill the user and those that they live with - so it is definitely not safe.

However, there is such a thing as a fire-safe cigarette which was passed by the Kansas state legislature and became effective on 7/1/09. It requires all manufactured packs of cigarettes that are sold in Kansas be certified they are fire-safe cigarettes - in other words, the cancer stick that is lit will extinguish itself if not inhaled after a short period of time. This has been proven to prevent numerous fires caused by careless smoking, thereby saving many lives and property damage.

With Roll-Your-Own cigarettes, the purchaser is not buying firesafe cigarettes. So the purchaser, their family and anyone else that may live adjacent to their home or apartment could go up in smoke if there is a careless smoker and a fire results.

Although this lifesaving law has been on the books for nearly three years, the tobacco industry was well aware and capable to produce firesafe cigarettes many years ago, but chose to resist and fight lawmakers on doing so because of their greed. You see, before firesafe cigarettes became the law, once you lit a cigarette it would continue to burn to the end whether it was smoked or not. But now, if a cigarette is not smoked it will go out. The smoker then can relight the same cigarette and therefore take longer to use up a pack - in the eyes of the tobacco industry that means less cigarettes sold regardless if casualties or property damage is prevented.

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