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Beaver fever: Self searching for answers on D after close win over Oregon State

Don't think Elijah is the real problem with this team because nobody is playing KU basketball on a regular, game in and game out basis. Our defense is absolutely horrible and we do not shoot the 3 like other teams do. Why is it that year after year we hear about the "shooters" Self has recruited only to be disappointed when they actually get on the court. Frankly, we are over rated and it is sometimes hard to watch us play. Where we go from here is a great question and Coach Self better come up with answers very quickly. I have one obvious observation.......we are missing Danny Manning as nobody is developing the big's like Danny did.

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Thomas Robinson will get better

It appeared as if Thomas could not jump during last night's game. He had a heck of a time just getting the all over the front of the rim on one dunk and flat did not get up high enough on at least three others. Love Thomas to death but was very disappointed in his performance last night. He simply has to elevate his play or we will not achieve the success we usually experience.....frankly, we will not be able to compete with the "better" teams. After watching Sullinger the night before, Thomas was not even in his league. But, he can be and the other players must elevate their level of play and get him the ball in places where he can do something with it.

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Hawaii hangover: Jayhawks lethargic in victory over FAU

Overall, I expected much more from our team and was left very disappointed in individual and team performance. Though I will remain supportive throughout the season, this is not the type of basketball we have come to expect and if we do not get better in a hurry, we will finish the season very much less than satisfied.

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Brock Berglund sad to see Turner Gill go

The players have to admit there was something missing in the Jayhawk Football Program and that which was missing was game planning and halftime adjustments to what the opponent was doing. Their loyalty ought to be to the university and their team mates, not to a head coach who by any logical measurement was in over his head. Now is the time for them to provide leadership to the team and to do everything possible to encourage young players to choose play at KU. And, they have to hit the weight room and bet bigger and faster.

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Maui tournament field loaded

Though the field is loaded at this tournament and we may indeed be on the short end of the scoreboard at a game or two, I have absolute confidence our guys will be well prepared and will represent Jayhawk Nation well. After enduring the dismal football season, it is refreshing to tune in a game where we have confidence we will see a well coached team who are giving their maximum effort. Good Luck Hawks and know you have our absolute support.

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Kansas football rebounding again

Though I support the players and always want them to play well and represent themselves, their school and families with pride, I must admit that I believe they are extremely limited by inadequate coaching, especially from the head coach and the coordinators. We have endured two years of watching our team being outcoached and not prepared to play with the teams on our schedule. There are occasions where a team will simply be outmanned and the only alternative we have is to tip out hat to them and move on to the next game. However, when we have players not positioned correctly and/or communicating as to who has what responsibilities in coverage, that falls directly on the coaches. If there had been glimmers of hope along the way, I would be patient and give Coach Gill time to get it done. However, I have absolutely no confidence that he has a clue as to how to coach at the D-1 level. Standing with your arms crossed while the sky is falling around you is not demonstrating leadership, it is demonstrating an "I have no idea what to do" attitude. Some moneyed people simply have to step forward and provide the funds to buy him out and send him on his way.

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Uplifting experience: Robinson heroic vs. ’Cats

The above comment by amesn was absolutely "on target". Jacob Pullen demonstrated real class in his comments and actions relative to Thomas Robinson. His actions speak volumns about his character and this KU fan was extremely impressed when Jacob went out of his way to demonstrate his support for Thomas as he works his way through this difficult time. All K-State fans should be proud of how Jacob represented himself, his team and the university. Well done!s

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