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Two child care facilities to close in Lawrence

Do you know what else TFI does?! Apparently not...They are also a licensed child placing agency which means they sponsor licensed foster families. It is a wonderful agency and they only have 3 schools. The other 2 are in other cities, Junction City and Wyandotte. They are doing this to help people, not make a large profit. Their agency just is not in the business of trying to take money from people and make a large profit, they are there to make the communities better, which is much more than I can say about Gov. Brownback and his cronies.

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Douglas County Commission's meeting about SRS includes former Kansas attorney general Steve Six

This is definitely progress. I'm sorry to break it to some of you who think getting rid of the Lawrence SRS office will solve all local social problems. Losing the office will only make the problems worse! I am looking forward to seeing more progress by the fine leaders in Lawrence. Don't let Brownback get away with treating this great town like dirt. If it leads to a lawsuit, then so be it. Obviously our current state administration has some issues or there would not be multiple lawsuits happening over all the changes they are trying to make.

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