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Sound Off: Is it legal if a person has parked their vehicle in their driveway, but a portion of the

It's really frustrating when you have a stroller to have to jump curbs to walk around cars that are in the sidewalk.

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Raising the bar

Don't forget Axis and 821

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Second-degree murder charge brought in Trayvon Martin case

It is the job of the court to decide. Not the chief of police.

I am very glad that Zimmerman will finally have his day in court.

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City may create swimming pond in dog park

A small catnip field with windowsills for sun bathing.

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City may create swimming pond in dog park

Dogs that do not come when called do not belong in uncontrolled situations with other uncontrolled dogs. Also known as dog parks. No fences!

The pond idea would be cool, but if it's done in such a way that the water is changed out by the current or filtered/cleaned some other way.

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Lawrence Journal-World resolving delivery delays

A charge to maintain current service is just silly.

If they need more money, can't they just increase the cost of the paper?

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Capitol Briefing: Removal of food sales tax debated

It's possible, but those higher income individuals are the ones that fund politicians, who are usually also higher income individuals.

Taxing food sucks and I don't like it, but they're cutting EIC in the same bill and that's not okay. EIC is not very expensive for the state, compared to some programs, and is incredibly helpful for the few that qualify.

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Town Talk: UPDATE: Planners split on North Mass plan; Chinese restaurant opens at 23rd and Iowa; rental registration fee topic of city audit; weekly land sales, including activity at Bella Sera condos

When the rental people inspected my house, they didn't even both looking at anything besides the outlet next to the kitchen sink. My house had cracks in the wall you could see my neighbor's house through. The inspector was like, "hey you need some smoke detectors" and then left.

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City of Lawrence unveils four new locations for recycling glass

They have that in other places. Back home it's all one bin and you can put glass in with everything else.

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