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5 people shot in downtown Lawrence; 3 dead

Richard Heckler, this was not because of gun laws. This was because of the hip hop culture. Violence, especially gun violence, is glorified in the culture and community. I would bet money that if the perp and gun are found, it's an illegally obtained weapon, so strict gun laws would not have kept this from happening. England has a complete ban on handguns, but yet gun violence/crime does happen in the UK.
Blame the people, the culture...not the object used. We also have a problem with law enforcement...they have contributed heavily to gun violence in 'merica. There is actual real video of cops giving guns to gangs, and even planting weapons on people they have just shot. This is all part of the government's plan to keep us split to rule over us more easily.

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Accident report: Both drivers, including police officer, suspected of drinking before fatal motorcycle crash

Looks like Heafey should lose his job and at the very least be convicted for the DUI, if not also be charged with vehicular manslaughter. Anybody else sure would be, and probably still on jail from Sunday night.

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Wichita school district to consider layoffs of teachers, staff

I think that all our politicians and legislators need to take a massive pay cut, start paying for their own insurance like the rest of us, and pay in to their own retirement instead of getting pensions for life. That would make a nice dent in the budget to use for schools. As it is, small town school superintendents are paid well over 6 figures (plus benefits, expenses, etc.).

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Federal judge refuses to block Kansas abortion rules

I guess our government and the Pro-Lifers (funny how pro-lifers don't have a problem killing a doctor, nurse, MA that works at one of these clinics) don't know about this thing called the internet, where you can get all types of information, whether it's factual, an opinion, or just plain blatant lies. I also can't see how this particular Kansas administration can say "objective" when clearly all they've done is pushed their own religious agendas through to become law. Even better is all the research that's been done on the issue of life and when it begins. If life begins at fertilization, then if a woman has a miscarriage, she's breaking the law and should be held accountable for murder, whether it was planned or not. Right now in the world scientific community, there is much debate about when life officially begins. The research PROVES that humans don't actually reach full self awareness until minimum age 5. There has been absolutely NO evidence that a fetus can feel ANYTHING at 20 weeks. As far as the dimwitted Mary and her statement about the screaming...pot calling the kettle...are you still black? There's that dimwitted girl in Cali that gets paid big bucks by FOXNews, she went to school for history, but in her "well trained medical opinion", she sees no evidence that the woman in El Salvador that's fetus doesn't have half a brain, the mother has gestational kidney problems that most likely will kill her if her pregnancy goes full term. All these pro-lifers think they know so much, but in reality their own emotions completely block the facts.

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KU football unveils five new helmets for 2013 season

@sciencegeek, I agree, totally. They need to funnel that money into education, since last I checked KU was a school of higher learning. Coaches, team staff, and all the upper administration getting paid 7 figures, and they don't do anything real for education. Lower tuition and let the parents/boosters buy all this frivolous stuff and pay those ungodly salaries.

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White House announces Obama's speech Tuesday in Osawatomie to focus on economy

Must be another one of those people that blindly follows and praises a politician because they are of the same party. I've asked people that say O'bummer is great president to give me examples of the great things he's done, and all I've gotten back was the he's a Democrat. Barack's great at raising our deficit (more than doubled it in the first year he was pres), lowered taxes for the upper class, gave them even more tax breaks, cut education and health care...but is going to "make" everybody get health insurance or charge them more taxes-the reason those people don't have health insurance is because they can't afford it!

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Sam Brownback was the only other governor to attend the prayer rally hosted by Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who has said he will likely run for president. Do you think Brownback would make a good vice presidential candidate on that ticket?

One thing you have to look at is we have a governor now that is imposing his religious beliefs on the state and tax payers. He has an obligation to the state to honor the Constitution and why this country was founded in the first place-freedom of religion. There's also that "pesky" separation of church and state. I don't care what religion he is, or that he goes to church and prays, but to impose those religious beliefs or pass legislation that imposes those beliefs on the tax payers not only goes against Constitutional Law but is also abuse of power.

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Obama must get serious about cutting debt

Does the IRS also list percentages of gross earnings for that top 1 percent? It'd be interesting to see how much that top 1 percent makes in comparison to the rest of the tax payers (by percentage). The fact remains that while petroleum companies keep recording record profits, they keep wanting tax breaks and subsidies. We give big business tax breaks for sending jobs overseas, sending manufacturing overseas, then give them import tax breaks or wave the import tax altogether on these products. Big business (and even small businesses) should not be rewarded for taking jobs overseas, and they shouldn't get a tax break for doing that.

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Obama must get serious about cutting debt

He also said he'd create more jobs in the first should never believe a politician, even when they admit to lying.

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Obama must get serious about cutting debt

I understand the security issues, but she doesn't need to go to Dubai for vacation at tax payer's expense. I'd have no problem with it if they actually helped pay for their vacations and tried to offset these costs. She doesn't have to go to the places she's gone...I don't care if her vacations become "PR" with other nations, it's a huge waste of tax payer money.

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