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After slow start, some sunflowers are blooming at Grinter's in rural Lawrence

We take photos there every year. Thank you for your perseverance.

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Town Talk: Vermont Street BBQ deal for Mass. location falls through; Berry Plastics project delayed but still moving forward; a new fee for city sidewalks?; artificial turf turned down

"The idea of artificial turf, however, did not evoke a positive response from planning commissioners. They rejected a proposed rule change that makes the use of synthetic turf an acceptable landscaping component in the city."...
Yet they approved it for the Oread Hotel?

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Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger has been one of the few elected Republican officials in the country to work to implement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Since Republicans have made repeal of the Act a primary goal, what should she do?

"what if all the dems switched to repubs "........
I think that is an excellent idea. The Dems could start a secret coalition, run as Repubs on the "let's shoot illegal aliens from helicopters like we do wild hogs" platform which will entice most of rural Kansas to vote for them.

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Human cannonball, family circus offer bang for the buck

Maybe we should arrest every parent who allows their children to play sports like football, hockey or basketball. I don't see this as being any more dangerous.

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Analysis shows Lawrence has high local tax burden

"Taxes are the price we pay for civilization."
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

I love Lawrence, I'm proud to live here and will continue to support this community through taxation and volunteerism.

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City Commission OKs closing part of Mass. St. for car show

22 of 25 downtown businesses gave their support. What's the issue?

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Gunshots, Fireworks, Marijuana and a Flaming Toilet

What about the idiocy of actually responding to a call about the smell of marijuana? Next time I smell a fart I'm calling in to report a pollution violation.

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Injury Accident & Duplex Fire Overnight

" I don't like the idea of a guy with a laptop and a police radio supposedly reporting "news" on a newspaper's website."....
Then don't read it. Get a life and stop whining about a blog.

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KU basketball player Thomas Robinson cited in misdemeanor battery case outside nightclub

Sounds like the players did a better job vs the Bouncers than VCU.

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Lawrence man sentenced to 32 months in prison for hitting victim with nearly full liquor bottle

"Yet, you can kill someone while driving under the influence and your sentence is shorter."..
I did not know this. Do you have any sentencing examples or recent cases I can look up?

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