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No Faking: Lawrence police cracking down on bogus IDs

Congratulations to all the Molly Hatchets, I hear college students don't want to drink anymore. Well done. Now let's spend money making kids like homework.

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What was your favorite cartoon?

I think you mean droopy dog

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What was your favorite cartoon?

And I need to make mention of Superfriends as well "Meanwhile, at the hall of justice..."

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What was your favorite cartoon?

The holy trinity of my youth: GI Joe, Transformers, He-man

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Lawrence was recently named one of America's top 10 college communities. Other than Lawrence, what is your favorite Big 12 North college town?

does anyone know what publication ranked us in the top 10? I work with a lot of emaw's and it would be nice to have on my wall!

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Athletics vs. academics

Why is it that I never hear people complaining about how highly paid actors are compared to how much drama teachers make? It's always coaches versus teachers. Because people know acting is entertainment. Well, sports are the same thing. I teach math at a small tech college. I'm not offended by Bill's salary. The reason I don't make millions of dollars is because families aren't lining up outside my room and dropping $250 to hear me teach FOIL.

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What is your favorite "so bad, it's good" movie?

Teen Wolf

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Knocking off No. 1

EMAW= Every Mildcat A Wannabe

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Obama’s call to arms lacks conviction

Here's something I don't understand. Conservatives are currently lamenting the fact that Obama and dems in general want to put a time table on operations. They claim the terrorists will simply hunker down and stop fighting to wait out the clock, wait for our withdrawl and then resume fighting once we leave. But couldn't that same theoretical strategy be used against the Republican plan? If the terrorists are smart enough to say, "hey they're leaving in 18 months let's just sit tight until then", wouldn't they also be smart enough to say, "hey, they're planning on staying until the region is stable. Let's disappear for a couple years and then when they leave will resume blowing things up." Just seems like an argument with no legs.

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