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State board discusses home-schooling requirements

We home schooled for 10 years in KS. Both my wife and I have four year degrees from KS colleges. We do not have a teaching certification. Our oldest son completed his schooling in the public system. He had taken the ACT while home schooled and scored a 29. The average in his HS was 21.
In the public system we dealt with apathetic, tenured teachers. Some of them did truly care and did a great job. From our experience though, a good teacher, like most career positions is not based on a certification but rather if one cares and is gifted to teach!
We home schooled because we care and love our kids. Our desire is to be part of their lives until they step out on their own.
ALL venues of schooling have their strengths and weakness.
I would encourage we tread lightly and caution against generalizing homeschooling.
And by the way. I still have to pay the same taxes and mill levies you do AND THEN pay for curriculum out of my pocket. We are not affluent or live comfortably.

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Area schools explore best safeguards for concussed athletes

Speaking from first hand experience. The only concern KSHSAA has is for it's own legal rear end. They are slow in adopting any type of accountability for itself or for the referres/umpires that represent the organization. Again, they view that the schools and coaches are the only entities that are liable and accountalbe for injured students. Frankly, I have had several student athletes go throught the KS school systems and the quality of officiating is declining. KSHSAA does not want to step up to the challange of keeping athletes safe. They claim to take thier direction from the National organization. KSHSAA has become the evil empire, unwilling to listen and learn.
Parents, insure your local coaching staff and AD recognize head injuries and how to treat them. KSHSAA will be of NO help.

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Ashland ends Seabury’s state dream

Then take it up with KSHAA. Unless you know the facts of each young mans specific circumstance. Find a different forum to be heard.

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Ashland ends Seabury’s state dream

Let's just say it upfront to all the BSA were right. Hope you feel better from you enlightened perspective.
End of day these were young men that have worked hard to obtain something. Respect these players no matter what the circumstances are that brought them to Seabury. The pain of a season ended is no different whether 1a or 6a.
These boys are solid young men and are just trying to enjoy their high school experience.
All levels of schools have their pluses and minuses.
Be a big enough person to recognize these players for the people they are and the effort they put forth. BSA coach pretty well summed it up as to their downfall, just leave it at that.
Job well done Seahawks!

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Seabury boys persevere, make 1A state field

"pics to report them to the state"

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Turnovers, poor shooting doom Free State boys vs. Leavenworth

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Turnovers, poor shooting doom Free State boys vs. Leavenworth

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‘Big D’-fense: Ex-Dallas Cowboys coach Campo to head Weis’ defense

Smoke and mirrors....big names don't always equal success. Proof will be on the field.

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Abortion ban to be proposed in Kansas House

You are SOOO right!

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Free State boys fall short, 60-53

Coach can't coach. He drives away talent and even when he does he doesn't know what to do do with them. He has always played guard ball even when he has had a big to work with. Talent is thin because kids don't want to play for him. Only player they have is the Frantz kid!

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