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New owner looking for restaurant tenant for former Joe's Bakery location

Many, many years ago (early 70's I'd say), when my parents were dating, my mom went to Ottawa University, while my dad was a student at KU. Of course, the ladies couldn't have any male visitors in their dorm rooms and had a strict curfew, so my dad and his friends would go to Joe's late at night and get fresh hot donuts, then drive to Ottawa. The girls would lower a bucket down from their dorm room window to they could take delivery of the fresh baked goods.

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District orders changes to 8th grade slavery lesson

Whether you're black or white, the concept of putting someone else in chains and making them your slave is *supposed* to evoke an emotional response. It's *supposed* to make you uncomfortable. That's the entire point.

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Analysis: Path not easy for plan to overhaul judicial selection process in Kansas

Wish I could give your post more than 1 thumbs up. What's the point of having 3 branches of government if 1 person controls them all?

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Gov. Brownback says he believes a resolution can be reached between KU Med and abortion opponents

Are you familiar with a condition called ectopic pregnancy? Your apparent lack of knowledge regarding human reproduction leads me to believe that the answer is probably no.

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Amyx and Lawrence attorney to seek terms on City Commission; primary election set for Feb. 26

Hey Chad, Reese's name is spelled with an s, not a c.

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Former Kansas inmate who killed 3 in DUI accident has parole revoked

Why? So that I can indicate my disagreement without engaging you an an illogical and asinine discussion, that's why. Nobody on this board is saying she's 'evil' except you. Many people commit crimes for many reasons, and very few are what I would consider to be 'evil' , but society still needs to be protected from their behavior. I would hazard a guess that Jennifer has been offered or even mandated to be involved with some type of rehabilitative treatment as part of her parole. It does not appear to have been effective in controlling her behavior.

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Former Kansas inmate who killed 3 in DUI accident has parole revoked

One difference is that the elderly are generally not exceeding 100 mph when they drive.

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Former Kansas inmate who killed 3 in DUI accident has parole revoked

Man, I wish there was a thumbs down button for JamesRory's post.

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Lawrence woman files lawsuit against Lawrence Wal-Mart alleging sexual harassment

If it's not *criminal*, it's civil. Civil suits can be brought by individuals, groups, corporations, state or federal government, etc.

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