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Businessman challenging city on parachuting rights

I started Skydiving over 35 years ago. I've flown out of and jumped over airports all around the world. Some busy controlled airports, and some small private ones. In all my years in aviation, (yes, skydiving is a federally recognized form of aviation) I've always been amazed at how various disciplines of aviation are able to successfully share airspace. It can be done! In fact, it is being done all over the world. If you're fighting this business from happening, I'd be questioning your reasons for doing so??

All of us in aviation are fascinated by the thrill and allure of flight. Whether you're a helicopter pilot, experimental aircraft pilot, light aircraft pilot, balloon pilot, or canopy pilot, we all love to fly. And, we all have the right under federal law to use federally funded airports. What's most important here is to understand that this can happen safely! We can all use the same airspace and we can all learn to get along. In fact, each aviation business at any given airport is strengthened by the other. If you sell gas, this new business will buy your gas. If you train pilots, they will walk over and take your lessons. If you rent hanger space, they will rent your space. It's a WIN - WIN situation for everyone if you're willing to work together.
Mike Livieri C-15131

November 18, 2011 at 11:44 a.m. ( | suggest removal )