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Kansas Board of Regents indicates it will pursue in-depth study of new concealed carry law

I too spent 7 years at KU, although yours must have been much more privileged than mine, I spent most of my time working to pay rent and eat, not worrying about who was packing. Ironically though, in all those seven years, I never once was witness to an incident in which a gun would have been even slightly useful, but many in which it would have been highly detrimental.

Be that as it may, since there has been no real support on campus for cch, and every governing body that has been elected or appointed to serve in the interests of Kansas universities has opposed its forced implementation, I could safely say that the general consensus is against guns on campus, legal or otherwise. That being said, no, I do NOT "imply that all campus employees and students over age 21 dont want concealed carry." I'm sure there are a few people afraid enough of the big scary world out there to think they feel the need to have a gun in their pants all the time.

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Kansas Board of Regents indicates it will pursue in-depth study of new concealed carry law

The funny part to me is that the students and campus employees don't seem to want concealed carry, only a loud and persistent faction of society that probably has spent very little, if any, time on a university campus.

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Kansas Board of Regents indicates it will pursue in-depth study of new concealed carry law

Then round 'em all up. Statistics show that citizens in gun free countries are BY FAR safer from gun violence, and that's what this is all about

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'Celebrate Freedom Week' regulations proposed

Another job creation bill from your Kansas legislature...

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Community tries to recruit more primary care providers

Leaving their practice? Hilarious...what are they joining the rest of the workforce picking up the crumbs the "makers" leave behind?

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Higher education budget, new gun law among items to be discussed at upcoming regents retreat

Less educated people is a ridiculous goal for any society.

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Opinion: Author interview represents new low

The same thing can be said of FOX, and anybody that gets their news solely from said sources is clueless. It's funny to me that the FOX crowd feels so threatened by MSNBC even though nobody watches it.

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Letter: Wasted effort

Except nobody voted 38 times for gun control. This level of repetition is a waste of time and political grandstanding at its finest. Some bureaucrat has to do the paperwork on all this IS costing us money.

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Letter: Wasted effort

A lot of pro bono work? Where do you make this stuff up? It's already paid work that's being passed down to the payers.

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Opinion: Cuba marks 60 years of lost ground

Millions of people vacation in Cuba every year. They go there because it's still a nice place to vacation and there are no Americans. Don't know what any of this has to do with Detroit. Nice try though.

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