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Does your employer allow you to access the internet or social media while at work?

I said no, because it's officially unallowed as stated in the employee handbook. But it does go on. Moreso with more lenient managers. But it is understood that it's not allowed.

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Once homeless Lawrence family makes goal of having own place by Thanksgiving

I know Clay and people should know that he is a refreshingly genuine person. He's a hard worker and loyal friend. And despite his situation (and choices), he maintains a great overall attitude about life.

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Lawrence students' ACT scores exceed national average

I just thank the Good Lord every night I wasn't reared in the Texas public school system.

Good job Kansas! We're proud o' ur book learnin'!

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Man wanted in McCollum Hall incident surrenders to KU police

Headlines in KC read: "Actual weapon fired. Bad things happened"

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Down and out: Cold-shooting KU women eliminated by ISU in WNIT

I wish I could enjoy women's basketball.

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NW Lawrence woman comes home to discover man in her house

Love the Topeka reference.

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Do you let your children have drinks that contain caffeine?

Fastwalker, I love it.

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Rivalry between Jayhawk, Wildcat fans heating up in Oklahoma City

jbiegs: "We didn't dog you a couple years ago when your football team had a cake walk schedule and managed to get an Orange Bowl win. "

Yes you did.

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Do you have any lucky charms?

Bahaha Barb! Love!

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