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Parents say LHS disciplinary action a little over the top

The night before any of this came out, I heard of some other pranks that were happening as part of senior week. I had just read about kids that were supended in Missouri for bringing chickens to school, and I told my child, "you can't do those things because you play spring sports. You can't get suspended."

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FSHS soccer falls to BVSW

The winner of tonight's LHS - Topeka High game will likely play their first game at Manhattan.
Difficult to tell.

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SM West routs Lawrence High soccer, 7-0

I was thinking the same thing. I appeciate the coverage, but...
The picture is of another freshman, K. Billings, who has been doing a good job along with freshman S. Keller this year. Get better Miss Aldrich.

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Sound Off: Why has the Lawrence school district policy been changed so that school buses cannot exce

Sorry.....not smart enough to post things today just once. I will figure out who to blame later.

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Kick starter: Senior reserve sparks FSHS, 4-1

Thanks for the update.

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Kick starter: Senior reserve sparks FSHS, 4-1

Thank you for including some statistics. Soccer is more than just who scored.
As always great pictures. I appreciate the chance to see all pictures in gallery.

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