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Mecham should start at quarterback again

Cummings high school career ended a couple weeks ago with a knee injury and will have surgery in december so we will hope he recovers.

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Halfway decent: Bad half dooms Kansas

After hiring an AD, the next priority should be a conditioning coach that will at least have the team in good enough shape to finish the game. No excuse for the opponent saying your team was out of gas in the 3rd qt.

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Nobody’s home: Fans flee scene of latest KU setback

Gill will never win 4 conference games in the same year starting next year playing 9 conference games in his tenure as coach at KU. It is going to take a great AD and a great coach and recruiter to compete in the new Big 12. 8 million is going to be cheap compared to the lost attendance and donations

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Contract favors Turner Gill

Throwing money at a proven winner with quality experience is a commitment not a nice guy with a losing record. I don't like Gill's odds of winning 4 out of 9 conference games every year just to go to a bowl thats assuming he can beat 3 cupcakes early, hopefully we don't schedule N D ST.

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Contract favors Turner Gill

What was short-sighted, lazy and imcompetent was paying a guy making 350,000 dollars and giving him 2 million with no buyout.

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Contract favors Turner Gill

The sad truth is after winning the ORANGE BOWL and a 12-1 season 3 years ago, we will not see better than a 6-6 season with the way the BIG 12 sets up now for 5 years maybe closer to 10. Thanks Lew for blowing a great opportunity. You and YOUR staff could not handle success and now we cannot afford to correct your mistakes.

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Weekend reunion: A&M’s Sherman, KU’s Gill share ties from days in NFL

You can tell they coached together they both have the same confused look.

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KU football offense going through difficult dry spell

If Webb thinks they played hard no wonder we cant score points. That was the most pathetic effort i have seen out of a team since Valesente coached here. 50 point beatings are going to become regular with our schedule coming, except maybe colorado, 59-7 and we played hard what a joke

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Jayhawks lay egg; Fans beat it early in lopsided loss to Wildcats

Due to lack of effort of all players and coaching staff there will be no ice cream cones after practice for 1 week. Turner is MAD!!!!

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Jayhawks lay egg; Fans beat it early in lopsided loss to Wildcats

The first thing that needs to happen ASAP is to hire a new AD. Let whoever that is analyse this football program and keep or get rid of the current coaching staff. If whoever decides that T GILL is not the right coach then make the change and move on. This is Big Lew's mess so if the new AD fires Gill and brings in his own guy thats their choice. Perkin's hired Gill as a last resort and his hiring decisions have been terrible. Lets put all our effort into hiring a quality AD to clean up this mess of a football program.

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