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Changes to Kansas liquor laws could prove beneficial to the state's wineries

Anybody know of a good locally-produced (Kansas or Missouri) mead? I like the one from Oliver Winery (Bloomington, IN) but would buy local if there were a good source. I know we have many honey producers around here!

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Growing number of KU professors boycotting academic journal publisher

The boycott includes not only submitting articles for consideration, but also providing peer review for submitted articles (that's what "won't referee" means on the "cost of knowledge" site) and doing editorial work for those journals -- which constitutes a lot of unpaid labor that academics provide to these for-profit publishers.

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In State of State, Brownback outlines plan to cut Kansas personal income tax

I was just in Oregon 24 hours ago. No sales tax on food.

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Heard on the Hill: Data reveal where KU's faculty salaries rank as compared to other schools; World War II historian, former BBC Television history leader to deliver upcoming Hall Center lecture

Sounds like maybe KU's population of professors skews older (and therefore contains more highly paid full professors) than the others. Any way to check those demographics?

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Green guide to spring cleaning

Homemade laundry detergent is also greener, incredibly cheap, works just as well as store-bought, and is very easy to make. Here's the recipe I've used:

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Kansas House committee wants Board of Regents to study benefits of privatizing many functions at state universities

Some of those top private universities are Harvard, Yale and Princeton, founded in 1636, 1701, and 1746 respectively -- and they've been building their endowments, the source of funding they use to stay in business, ever since. So no worries; if we privatize, we'll be where they are now in terms of private support within the next 350 years or so.

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Lawrence police expand tactics to reduce crime rate

I don't see college kids perpetrating more crimes than other groups of people (except for fake IDs and underage drinking, maybe), but I think they may be at higher risk for becoming the victims of crime than the general population, since they are young, often on their own for the first time, etc. Criminals may see them as easier targets.

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Genuine Imitation: KU's acappella group something to 'Gleek' out about

Kudos to Genuine Imitation - singing a cappella live is MUCH more challenging (and fun to listen to) than singing in a studio and getting autotuned, a la Glee. I'm looking forward to their Dec. 1 show!

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Library traffic

The capital outlay for building a satellite might cost less than the proposed expansion (that's a big "might") -- but it seems extremely likely that running a satellite (operational costs) would cost much more than a single expanded building. With a satellite location, you need to duplicate services, which would require more staff (even at a minimum, somebody has to shelve books, help people with questions, and keep the building and its equipment running). Add to that a second set of utility payments and the need to shuttle materials back and forth between the main library and the branch, and it gets expensive quickly. And operating expenses, unlike capital costs, need to be paid year after year.

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