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Sexual assaults and DUIs increased significantly in Lawrence in 2009

"Anyway, I am glad about the DUI's, you can arrest a hundred a weekend if they wanted to. The more people that get a DUI, the more people that can “tell the tale” and maybe scare the others."

So true. I'm glad the cops are stepping up. I see so many people who shouldn't be driving every Friday and Saturday night. I wonder why there aren't MORE DUI's given out.

As for the sexual assaults, it's more than likely true that more women are willing to report them now a days which is a good sign. Part of me also thinks that the number of actual crimes committed that went un-reported also went up, which is the scary part.

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Trafficway opponents seek KU roadblock

Build it!

November 3, 2009 at 11:16 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

8 people arrested in connection with burglary of Masonic Temple

The Masonic Temple would make an awesome restaurant or bar. Someone should turn it into an egyptian themed bar and call it "The Temple" or something cheesy like that.

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Transportation planners taking public comment

build the SLT. South of the river.

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Would a $20-a-month incentive encourage you to ride your bike to work?

I already bike to work.,,the additional $20 would be nice.

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KU Chancellor Hemenway will step down June 30

Hopefully the new chancellor they choose will have the spine to stand up to Kansas Athletics, Inc. and represent the will of the students. For far too long Mr. Perkins has been allowed free reign over the University. It's time someone put him back on his leash.

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Longtime — and much beloved — KU economics professor to retire

Harry Shaffer is the man! So sad to hear him leaving. His economics class was alot of fun, and he really did inspired everyone. I hope I am lucky enough to still be working when I'm 89 years old!

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Rail example

The only way General Motors is likely to survive is with a government takeover, similar to the Conrail takeover in the 1970s. Wrest control of the auto makers from the current CEOs, hire on some talented designers and management, and send them to work building vehicles for the people. When the company becomes profitable again, sell it off.

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T for two

This letter cracks me up! I thought we were done with this debate. The people have spoken, and they want a bus system.

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Should the U.S. government provide financial aid to U.S. automakers?

The government should buy GM, shed the unprofitable, unpopular brands here, and focus on a smaller, simpler line of fuel efficient vehicles. GM should look into markets which are wide open, where it could trounce the competition. It should be focusing on customer issues and figuring out what the customer wants them to produce, not what the competition wants to produce and what is most profitable.

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