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City receives seven proposed sites for police headquarters building

FWIW, I think you're correct in that KU owns that property.

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100 years ago: Band leader scoffs at ragtime fad

At my first piano recital, an older girl played The Entertainer. I still remember how excited I was a few years later to be able to play it myself. Even now, if I happen to hear it somewhere, it makes me smile.

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Bicyclist injured in accident

I have to respectfully disagree with you grimpeur. I used to live south of town. Those roads are hilly and curvy. I would often come over a hill to discover a pack of bicyclists in my lane and a car coming toward me in the other lane. Honestly, it's a miracle I never hit anyone. If my car had been any larger and required a larger stopping distance, I certainly would have -- sometimes I missed them by mere inches. I'd prefer they didn't ride where there are no shoulders, but if they choose to do that, they should at least ride single-file.

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Lawrence schools at a tipping point

I agree that there must be a more cost-effective, efficient manner of solving this problem. However, I don't think keeping those schools open would have helped. The majority of kids simply don't live in those areas anymore. It's certainly not efficient to bus them from way out west to the east side. (And I make that comment as someone who lives in an older part of town and loved attending Cordley as a child.)

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Lawrence wants property to house multimillion dollar police headquarters

Hadn't thought of that, but it's a really good idea -- good location between the jail and the courthouse, and it would clean up a problematic area.

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Tenants to Homeowners files plans for independent, senior living project in south Lawrence

Does anyone know when they plan to break ground on the 9th and Delaware project? Also, isn't that corner in the flood plain? I work near there, and when we get a lot of rain that whole area looks like a lake.

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100 years ago: Lawrence buyers purchase huge apple crop

Anyone know what happened to that orchard? It sounds like there were quite a few orchards around here 100 years ago.

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Proposal: $6 million rural water plant near Lawrence

Thanks. Did you watch The Dust Bowl on PBS? Or read The Worst Hard Time (the book the documentary was based on)? Apparently we never learn the right lesson.

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Brownback appoints his chief counsel, Caleb Stegall, to the Kansas Court of Appeals

Wasn't Mr. Stegall a public school teacher before he went to law school?

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Recent rains delay some Lawrence road construction projects

Some of these projects weren't started until just recently. Why didn't they plan to start them early enough to allow a few days for a rain delay? Anyone want to start a pool on how many car accidents there are the next few days as new students move into town and try to navigate through the orange cones?

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