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Was Florida shooter a vigilante or good neighbor?

tbaker....... that is also just as tragic. And i dont know the motive behind it..... but i am speaking about a person being killed because he was black.. No other reason....... no carjacking, no love triangle, no theft, no other reason then being BLACK. Thats the point.... and i believe we should be just as outraged about ALL murders

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Was Florida shooter a vigilante or good neighbor?

The bottom line is this WAS about race.... a young BLACK boy was shot because he was BLACK.. If he had been WHITE this would not have happened. Most black on black crimes are about other type of crime. (theft,drugs,etc.) But there was NO CRIME being committed.... thats why this is sooo much more disturbing than a black on black crime. Either way it is still sickening...

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How many trick-or-treaters visited your home on Halloween?

Who cares how old the kids are ... if they took time to work on a costume then give them a piece of candy.... at least they arent out doing something they shouldnt be doing.

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Bank of America to start charging debit card fees

Thank goodness i bank at a Credit Union

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What is your favorite decade for music?

the 80"s Baby!! i could listen ALL day!!

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What is your favorite hot beverage?


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Should the 70 mph speed limit along Kansas Highway 10 be lower?

Goooooooo Lightrail !

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A pitch for a 1980s downtown parade


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Oscar Mayer Wienermobile makes stop in Lawrence

well darn.... i wish i would hav heard about this before they left town :(

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