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What is the key to a great bowl of chili?

Vinegar. Lots of it.

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Roads finally cleared of snow


No, the issue was that the city still hasn't been able to fix the curb for my driveway (I have to jump the curb to get to the driveway as of now), so when the snow plows came through, they just treated my drive like it didn't exist (because technically since they haven't fixed the curb, it doesn't according to the city plan). That was the only issue, and one of the plowers even offered to try to run though the driveway to the next block because of the mess they'd caused, but it wouldn't have been enough room for the plow truck and it wasn't necessary at that point because I'd already taken a shovel to what the landlord didn't get. As I mentioned earlier, it probably won't happen again because we've (my landlord and I) talked to the city about it now. But of course since I'm just a lazy person who didn't want to do any hard work, all these comments about my character and whining are completely legit. If only I were like Ripper, notjustastudent, or Stedman, I'd never complain about being given poor service. Yep, I'd just suck it up and take it like they take it all the time. Oh, and I'd like it too, just like they like it, but not quite as much as I'd like acting like I'm better than somebody because I didn't speak up to fix the problem I had. /sarcasm

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Roads finally cleared of snow

Gawd. The job was completed. Incorrectly. And the problem is now fixed and probably (fingers crossed) won't occur again because they've been notified of the error and know to act differently next time.

But I think I'll sit and whine anyway. Not about the fact that my needs should come before the rest of the townspeople's (not that I ever was doing that) but about the fact that you're too thick to understand my original complaint. Again...

To sum it up, I pay the same taxes and fees to the the city that everyone else on my street does, yet I did not get the same service. It's a legitimate complaint.

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Roads finally cleared of snow

What's more likely to happen, Ripper? I complain about the plowing technique and perhaps get them to plow differently next time, or I complain about the street design and perhaps get them to redesign the street? I certainly know what's more likely to happen and what's more likely to benefit me (the cul-de-sac certainly isn't the issue). I'll stick with that and the point rather than ranting about something that there isn't any real chance of changing. You may like to waste your time, but the rest of us have better things to do. I and my landlord have made the appropriate complaints to the city now and my street is cleared the way it should have been in the first place. Enjoy your miserable day up there on the high horse.

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Roads finally cleared of snow

To sum it up, I pay the same taxes and fees to the the city that everyone else on my street does, yet I did not get the same service. It's a legitimate complaint.

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Roads finally cleared of snow

I wasn't complaining about snow in the cul-de-sac Ripper, I am complaining about the fact that instead of pushing the snow in the dead space of the cul-de-sac where no one needs to drive and no driveways are located, they plowed the street and pushed all the snow right in front of my driveway. To the tune of snow higher than the hood of my car. My driveway wasn't treated like a driveway, but rather a dumping spot, while all other driveways on the street were treated like driveways and left with snow that could reasonably be shoveled. My landlord is currently using a tractor to ram the pile into the dead space it should have been shoved to in the first place. But I'm not surprised you couldn't comprehend what I'm talking about. Like the snow in my drive, it's probably way over your head.

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Roads finally cleared of snow

Take a look at this:

That's my car on the other side of a mountain of snow left in front of my driveway by the city. I live at the end of a cul-de-sac and while it could have been piled up where no driveways are (with little effort on the part of the plowers), it looks as though a good chunk of the entire street's snow was left just for me. I see the piles my neighbors have had to shovel from their driveways, and my pile is at least ten times that amount. I was soaked up to my thighs just trying to get to the house last night, and my car remains parked sort of out in the middle of the cul-de-sac.

If anyone of you gung-ho "get out and shovel it" people were to tell me you had to deal with the same amount, I'd bet good money you were lying. My landlord is going to have to bring a tractor to clear it because I still can't reach anyone at the city to make a complaint, and that's certainly more than I can shovel on my own.

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President Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

Satirical (Anonymous) says…

“If you disagree with the liberals who think this award has anything to do with Bush (which you must based on the fact you claim there is inconsistency), then why have you not yet voiced that opinion?”

I thought I did - that was kind of the point of me addressing you in the first place (clearly a waste of time, you seem to be so angry you can't see straight - but that's not my problem and I'll let you work it out on your own). But don't continue to get your panties in a wad, Sat. I'm not sore, I simply tried to point out that you made a generalization about liberals that is false, as most generalizations are. I guess you can take it or leave it. I would like to know why this award upsets you so, but not enough to come back here and see if you can explain it. I kind of have the feeling it's not really about the award anyway, and more about you feeling like you're on the losing end of something. You aren't though. You really aren't, and maybe one day you'll see that.

Americans should be proud that one of their own has been honored by this prestigious award, an award which all who aren't bitter can recognize as a good thing as it truly does symbolize how America is gaining a better standing in the eyes of the world - with the help of our President.

USA! Good stuff, huh?

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President Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

Satirical says...

But both comments are supported by liberals, and therefore I correctly labeled them as “liberal logic.”


Not supported by me, and I'm a liberal, not supported by those who didn't claim both sentiments, but who happen to be liberal. The latter portion of your argument is supported by those who made that claim, who may happen to be liberal. Not by liberals as a whole. Perhaps you should revisit your necessary and sufficient conditions before making such a broad argument. But of course I understand that would defeat your purpose, which is to condemn anything a liberal might say.

"Liberals hold both the view that America should be proud when an American POTUS is honored, and that this award is more a slap against Bush than for anything Obama has actually accomplished."

While SOME liberals might think this is more a slap against Bush, you can't claim those liberals to be the majority, nor can you claim that sentiment is reflective of a mainstream liberal ideology.

Seems to me like you just can't stand to take an argument or stance for what it is and who it is from without trying to twist it into something that fits your anit-liberal playbook.

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President Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

Well Sat, that was a good effort, but I'm sure you noticed that the commenters in area one didn't show up in area two.

So your final argument, that "They can’t have it both ways" fails. It fails because you tried to make two separate viewpoints into one "liberal" ideology straw man and tear it down, and that simply doesn't fly.

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