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Firm maps out school consolidation group's proposals

*Now* B&GC....not "not"...

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Firm maps out school consolidation group's proposals

The East Heights (not B&GC) site is not big enough...

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Positions eliminated in Journal-World's production, distribution departments

Wow. I wondered where First Bell and Mark Fagan had gone. What a shame.

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Christmas: A time for ugly sweaters

I love my Christmas sweaters (as well as socks, bracelets, earrings, necklaces)! I wear them often starting the day after Thanksgiving. Not sure why they're called "ugly" or "tacky?" I see them as cute holiday-wear (most of them, anyway).

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School board to receive report on standards-based grading

It's a hot mess. Hope that makes it into the report.

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Local dogs take a dip

Ridiculous that they've closed the pool already. When I worked there the pool was always open through Labor Day...and a couple of years even later! It would get tricky having enough guards once school started, but we always recruited a few from KU to help fill in some gaps. It can definitely be done, if management is willing to make it work.

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Rod's Cards and Gifts stores selling out remaining Hallmark merchandise

I wondered what was going on with Rod's. I like some of their holiday decor and buy Christmas cards and gift wrap stuff there every year. Maybe I'm a dying breed, but I love buying and giving greeting cards for birthdays, anniversaries, and well as cards for my hubby for no particular reason several times a year...and I'm not old enogh to be called "elderly!"

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Do you know someone who is a twin, triplet or other multiple?

I have two good friends who both have an identical twin sister. On my side of the family I have twin cousins and twin nephews. On my husband's side there are twin cousins and we have twin grandbabies. Gotta love twins! :-)

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Ricki Lake has announced plans to return to television to host a new show. What is your favorite talk show?

Oprah!!!! I liked The View when Barbara Walters was on...the few times I watched it. I've only seen The Talk a couple of times, but I liked it too.

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