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Heavy snowfall set to begin later tonight; forecasts call for 10 inches by noon Tuesday

It doesn't really have anything to do with going extra days in the spring. That's the purpose of scheduling an inclement weather day. When we miss beyond that, they typically add additional minutes to the day for the rest of the year. The problem the powers-that-be have always faced is the "damned if you do, damned if you don't" backlash from parents. For every parent lobbying for an early decision there is a parent unhappy with the early cancellation. While I understand all too well the inconvenience of having kids out of school, I also knew/expected the existence of my kids would often create incovenience and less than ideal circumstances for me! No one to blame. Just have to go with the flow, make preparations "just in case," etc. Pretty sure the district can't control Mother Nature. I appreciate the district taking into consideration the safety and well-being of all involved.

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First to ‘worst’: Lowly TCU stuns Jayhawks

Hang in there, Jayhawks!! Great coach, great'll all come back together. Go get the next one. Rock Chalk!! :-)

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Statehouse Live: Battle begins in House over public unions

I am a teacher. I also CHOOSE to belong to LEA/KNEA/NEA. I have not seen or heard of any staff members being harrassed or coerced into joining against their will. I am quite capable of making responsible decisions and do not need anyone protecting me from the alleged big, bad teacher's union. Please stay out of my paycheck. It's none of your business.

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Who is your favorite KU basketball player of all time?

So many great choices!!! Definitely Darnell Valentine, Calvin Thompson, Mark Turgeon, Adonis Jordan, Jacque Vaughn, Greg Ostertag, Danny Manning, Mario Chalmers...among MANY others!!

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All but 1 Lawrence school meet 'Standard of Excellence'

Hey ljworld! Might you want to mention the fact Kennedy made AYP in both reading and math last year instead of dumping negative press on them year after year? Math scores increased by 20%! How about how hard the students and their parents work, many with adverse conditions that many at other schools cannot begin to imagine? What about the blood, sweat, and tears shed by the staff while they tirelessly (and enthusiastically) work to meet the needs of the students (academically, socially, emotionally, physically)?? Perhaps there are things to celebrate, while working to show continuing growth and achievement!? Just a thought...

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Summer's over

I was a guard and swim instructor for 10+ years at the outdoor pool and we never closed before Labor Day. There were even a couple of years we stayed open past Labor Day! Once school started it was always a challenge having enough staff, but we always managed. We altered weekday hours to be 4pm-8pm. It might mean opening the pool while keeping the diving well and/or slides closed until guards got out of class and trickled in, but we made it happen and were able to continue to provide a safe, healthy environment for anyone wanting to swim. Maybe it's just not important to the current manager and city officials? Maybe they don't really consider it a valuable service to provide to the community, so are willing to shut it down when things get tricky!? It seems folks like Bob Lockwood were able to make things happen that were good for the patrons, often in spite of the almighty dollar.

*I am aware there is a lovely indoor aquatic center at Free State. It's not the same as swimming the warm weather...with sunshine. Plus, it's completely aggravating that swim teams seem to hold the competition pool hostage in the late afternoon/early evening. Ever try to swim laps there after work? Not possible to do in a lap lane. Also impossible to find out what days/times swim teams will be monopolizing the pool. No one at the front desk or lifeguards ever seem to know.

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GOP moderates in Kansas may get help from Democrats

I've always been registered as a republican, but have never voted a straight ticket. I'm voting in the primary to support the moderates...although in the general I'll be casting some votes for democrats. Tom Holland is definitely one! I'd love to live in Kansas again, rather than the Brownbackistan currently in the works.

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Republicans vie to unseat Sen. Holland in 3rd District

I'm doing the same. It's been awhile since I voted republican much, but it's still how I'm registered. Will vote to support the moderates in the primary, then Holland...among other democrats in the general.

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Have you made special plans to watch the KU-MU basketball game on Saturday?

So, are you just not a basketball fan or really not like KU? I'm a life-long, true blue Jayhawk but always root for k-state (except when we play each other)...ESPECIALLY against Mizzou! We have several KSU grads in my family and several "divided houses" but manage to cheer on both Kansas schools. Get on board with cheering on the Jayhawks too!

Good luck to the Wildcats tonight in the land of Misery!

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