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Transit example

Read the book "The Sociopath Next Door" How does this book apply to the T discussion? The inability to have compassion for persons in need. Read it ....

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Group to discuss ways to save bus system

A bus system is in the same category as fire protection, police protection, sidewalks, roads, schools, etc. It should not need to "support" itself anymore than the fire department or police departments support themselves. A modern city without a mass transit system is clearly backward. I have no problem paying more taxes for these types of services.

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One of two murder charges dropped against Del. Street shooting suspect

I have a lot of respect for Branson and his office. What he did to drop the second charge is the norm for charging by most district attorney offices.Citizen of Lawrence

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Manual mowers earn praise for environmental benefits

I noted several persons wishing to sell their manual reel mowers. I would be interested. I am looking for a Great States mower, the 20" width, heavy duty style if you wish to contact me with an offer.Thankyou.

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Manual mowers earn praise for environmental benefits

I found a long handled clipper that is hand-powered at Sears a couple of years ago and along with my prison yard model manual mower from Great States company, my lawn mowing adventure begins. I work in the early morning when its cool. Passsersby smile and my neighbor sheepishly offers me the use of his gas-powered mower which I politely but firmly refuse. One of the benefits of using the manual reel mower is that I notice my abs are tightening up and my cardio-vascular system is getting stronger. I multitask by listening to the radio from my walkman. A pleasant experience all around.And, the cousins to Agnes the frog are spared her life.

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Bus survey: It's all about time and money

I did not participate in the survey. My reason for not taking the T regularly is that I have to walk 3 blocks to get to it and once I am dropped off, another 2blocks to get to my downtown office. While the walk is good for me, it is actually more time consuming than taking my car. The actual ride on the bus is 10 minutes, but it is the additional 10-15 min. walk which is the deal breaker for me. I need walking shoes, additional gear for weather, and in the summer I get sweaty from the walk so I generally take the bus if I have no client or out of office contact. There is no shelter or even a seat where I get picked up so that means if I get there early, I have to stand. There is also the matter of the exhaust from the cars that go whizzing by that makes me ill. I have been told the likelyhood of a route change is very slim and the I have been told that the location of the stop which is on a small hill makes it impossible to put in even a bench, let alone a shelter. Thus, I only use the T if my car is in the shop.

So, while I love and support the idea of the T, it is the application which is the problem for me.

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Ideas on saving money

I do a lot of the suggestions already noted. Some other asnOther things I do are to combine my car errands. I usually try to do at least 5 stops in the same area. If I can combine it with a business-related trip, all the better. I bring along some bottled water and a snack or two so I am not tempted to stop at the fast food places. If the weather is hot, I have an ice chest to throw in food items.

I "make" my own bottled water. I have saved glass bottles (Drew's salad dressing for eg have the best shape and the neck of the bottle fits well in the mouth), fill them with filtered water from the Pur water filter on my faucet, and store them in the frig. I put the bottles and caps in the dishwasher each week. They chill fast and save a lot of money and also do not have to worry about plastic chemicals floating around the water.

I make my lunches on Sunday and eat all week at the office. I do not go out to eat except rarely. Saves gas and money on food.

I put cellular shades on all the windows and use them extensively in the summer heat and winter cold.

Might sound weird, but I keep 3 water buckets in the shower and flush the toilet with the water from the daily shower.

I have purchased about 30 cheap men's hankies from Walmart and use them instead of buying kleenex. i wash them and the more I use them, the softer they get.

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Self-serving stand

Does anyone know if being registered will allow the partner to be on a KU retiree's health insurance?

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The national minimum wage is $5.85 per hour. Kansas' minimum wage is $2.65 per hour. What do you consider to be a fair minimum wage?

I agree with notajayhawk.

I am out of sync with my colleagues in my profession where I pay a living wage, even for parttimers for my clerical support over age of 18. I cannot afford health insurance but I do allow paid sickleave. I get by .on less income myself but that is a moral decision I have made.

Like many things in Kansas, we remain far behind the rest of the country, what a disgrace. All I can do personally is speak with my actions and advocate in my own way for change.

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Sebelius: Morrison should resign if charges proven true

If he resigns,whose next in line?

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